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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2009 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. recess over. president obama addressing the nation's schools today as lawmakers return to washington and the heated debate over health care reform. is there anything the president can say or do in what's become a crucial debate to quiet his critics. we'll ask one of them, former house speaker newt gingrich. a crash into a labor day crowd in utah injuring at least six people including three children.
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and it was all caught on tape. and smash hit. melanie udan burning up the courts and the competition at the u.s. open. and her shoes say it all, "believe." today tuesday, september 8th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. it's been three weeks. >> i ow. i feel like it's the first day back at school. don't you a little bit? >> no. >> i have the school outfit on, i did my summer reading. >> you've got your book covers. >> kathy griffin on the show today. i'm prepared for school. >> good to be back with you. coming up, two of the youngest children ever tried as adults
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for murder in the united states. you might remember them. the case of alec and derek king, the two fresh-faced florida ere only 12 and 13 when they were charged with killing their own father with a baseball bat. they were found guilty. now they're out of prison. they'll join us for their first live interview coming up in just a little while. also, rod blagojevich is facing corruption charges for allegedly trying to sell president obama's vacant senate seat. but now he says he never intended to sell it and that at least one high-ranking member of the white house staff knew the truth. he will be here to tell us about that. also ahead, first lady michelle obama has made an immediatmark on washington and the world. especially when it comes to her fashion sense. and yes, let's be honest, those famous arms now her longtime trainer is revealing how she gets them. but let us begin with the address to millions of students as he steps up pressure on critics for his health care reform plan.
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our correspondent savannah gurie has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. close aides are firing back before he even delivered it. and the president has his own work cut out for him this fall as health care reform enters a critical phase. at a labor day picnic in cincinnati, the president trotted out the old campaign slogans. >> fired up! ready to go! >> reporter: and served up some new, tougher rhetoric against opponents of health care reform. >> i've got a question for all those folks. what are you going to do? what's your answer? what's your solution? and you know what? they don't have one. >> reporter: the president reaffirmed his support for a controversial government insurance option but stopped short of saying it was a must. >> it's time to act and get this
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thing done. >> reporter: tomorrow night the president takes that message to congress. >> thank you. >> reporter: aides promi the president will get more specific about where he stands on key issues including how to pay for reform. >> i think he's decided to put the full weight of the presidency behind the program, get specific and say, this is what we need to do. >> reporter: today the president dresses the nation's hoolchildren. in a speech to be broadcast live on the web and on c-span. >> i think it's the role of the parents to be molding our children, not the president of the united states. >> reporter: after some accused the president of trying to indoctrinate children and urge schools to boycott the address, the white house released a transcript 24 hours in advance. the president to say, quote, if you quit on school, you're not just quitting on yourself, you're quitting on your country. >> it's a sad state of affairs that many in this country politically would rather start
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an animal house food fight rather than inspire kids to stay in school. >> reporter: and yet one more controversy for the white house. over the weekend, van jones, an environmental adviser, resigned after it came out he had signed a petition in part blaming the government for 9/11 and several videos surfaced including one of him using off-color language to describe republicans. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in a statement van jones said he was the victim of a, quote, vicious smear campaign and said he was quitting simply so he would not distract from the president's coming fights on climate change and health care. matt? >> savannah guthrie at the white house. newt gipg rich is the former republican speaker of the house and the founder of the center for health transformation. newt, it's good to see you. >> good to see you, matt. >> let me ask you about gaming. a lot of people are talking about how you frame the issue of health care reform, how you frame the debate.
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so when the president steps up there tomorrow night, speaks to a joint session of congressnd the american people, of course, what does he have to do in terms of framing that he hasn't done already? >> well, the first thing he has to do is undo the damage from yesterday's very partisan campaign speech. yesterday's speech was fine if you're a candidate. it's a terrible speech if you're president. and it's untrue. at the center for health transformation, we have many ideas that would help solve the health issue. and both the senate and the house, there are republicans who have many ideas. there are moderate democrats who have many ideas. for the president to suggest that his critics do not have alternative solutions is simply factually false. so he's got to decide when he walks in tomorrow night, is he walking in as president of the united states, trying to calmly bring us all together or is he walking in as a partisan left winger trying to arouse his side to run over everybody else? yesterday frankly was very discouraging in terms of what
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president obama's going to do tomorrow night. >> we're going to learn some things tomorrow night about this public option. robert gibbs said the president will draw some lines in the sand. if he does not -- let me put it this way. if there is no public option included in the final version of health care reform, newt, can the white house claim victory on this issue? >> sure. unless they're determined to destroy themselves with their left-wing allies, there are many good things that can be done to make the health system work better without having a new government bureaucracy, massive new government spending, or giant tax increases. what we object to is that instead of applying intelligent reforms which would make the system less expensive, they simply want to add a new layer of bureaucracy and a higher level of taxation. and i think that's very destructive in this economy as we approach 10% unemployment, raising taxes and increasing deficit spending are, i think, tremendously dangerous things for the president and his
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liberal allies to be doing. and that's why there's such intense resistance not just among republicans. >> back in fir w lady hillary clinton came to talk to you. let me read something. quote, i told her what i would tell president obama today, it is impossible to write a comprehensive health care reform bill and get it passed. politicians aret that smart. americans aren't that trusting, and special interests aren't that lazy. it's a pretty pessimistic way of looking at the issue and the people involved, isn't it? >> no, if you break it into six or seven topics, start with litigation reform to lower cost for doctors and defensive medicine, steps to take care of the 70 billion to $120 billion a year of corruption in medicare and medicaid which we validated at strt for health transformation this year in a book called "stop paying the crooks." a number of steps you could take. you could take five or six or seven bills, pass each bill in
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its own right, each bill would be 100 to 200 pages long. what they're then going to do i'm afraid and what mrs. clinton tried to do back then and write a 1300 page bill with 50,000 pages of regulations creating 46 new agencies and then try to ram it through in one single vote. i think that's bad government. i don't think it will work. and i think that it's very likely to fail in the senate because i don't think you can cheat the senate rules and get through this kind of gigantic bill with 51 votes. >> unfair to you but in the few seconds i have left, in this speech he's going to make at a virginia elementary school today, i mean, just as former presidents have done or other presidents have done in the past, republicans and democrats, you can say education is important to our country, can you see any reason that people on the right could criticize the speech or the venue? >> look, i think that president reagan did it, president george h.w. bush did it, i read the speech yesterday when it was posted. i think the white house is smart to post it.
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if he can give a speech tomorrow night, in the tone of his speech today to the students, this country would be much better off. it's a good speech. i recommend it to everybody if you have any doubts. i would love to have every child in america read it, think about it, and learn that they should stay in school, and they should study. >> pretty good endorsement. newt gingrich, nice to see you. >> good to see you. and now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. ann curry back at the news desk. >> hi, ann. welcome back. >> thanks. and you, too, matt. morning, everybody. in the news, today a u.n.-backed commission said what it found convincing evidence of fraud in last month's election in afghanistan in order to recount of some of the votes. also today the taliban is claiming responsibility for a car bombing that killed at least three civilians near the entrance to a military airport in kabul. it is the biggest attack in kabul since the election. in britain, three men were convicted monday of plotting to bomb at least seven transatlantic planes with liquid explosives. the case led to the current strict limits on the amount of
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liquids that passengers can take on planes. police in milwaukee say they have solved a case of serial killings going back more than 20 years. they say dna has linked one man to the murders of nine women since 1986, and the suspect is now in custody. former congressman joseph kennedy, nephew of the late ted kennedy, said he is not running for his uncle's seat in the senate and says he will continue to run a nonprofit group that provides heating oil to the poor. rush hour headaches are expected today for commuters in san francisco where the bay bridge remains closed for at least one more day after a crack was discovered. crews are still working to repair it. world stock markets are higher this morning. as for wall street, cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. the soaring price of gold. >> absolutely right. good morning, ann. gold surging above $1,000 an ounce this morning. this is a six-month high. gold has been steadily climbing over recent weeks. last week alone it was up by
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about 4%. a couple reasons behind this rise. first of all, gold is seen as a safe haven investment by investors. second, the weaker u.s. dollar, many commodities including gold and oil, its price in dollars when we see dollar weakness, we do see strength in the price of that commodity. ann. >> melissa lee, thank you so much for that perspective. and finally now, frightening moments monday in utah where a motorized parachute being used to draw prizes crashed into a crowd at a labor day festival. two people in the parachute were not hurt but six people on the ground were hurt including three children. it is now 7:12. let's go back to meredith, matt and al. the gang's all here. >> we are. >> welcome back, everybody. ann, thank you very much. how you doing? >> i'm feeling good. >> snappy. >> well, thank you very much. >> snazzy. >> snazzy and snappy. ooh! 2 f 2. let's see what's happening. not too snappy along the eastern seaboard. we have flood watches from northeastern north carolina into eastern viinia.2
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this nontropical low-pressure system working its way up the coast. we're talking some areas. may pick up seven inches. cape hatteras, already seven inches. we're also keeping an eye on tropical storm fred. it's not going to affect the atlantic coast. ! cloudy, cool and wet. good morning. we are seeing showers pass from south to north into the disstrith of maryland. it will be with us off and on throughout the rest of the morning. temperatures will remain in the 60s. 66 in washington. the rain should taper off by early afternoon and then cloudy overnight tonight. highs today by midafternoon. then, tomorrow, another chance of passi and now to the latest on the swine flu.
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a new school year is just getting under way. and we are already seeing a spike in suspected cases on college campuses across the country. here's nbc's kevin tibbles. across the country, the kids are moving in. elsewhere, there's an uninvited guest, the swine flu. >> swine flu or not, i've always just lived at home with my ly mifa and so it's different living in a place with this many pele. zbloouf to be a little concerned, but what can you do? >> reporter: college websites now counsel students on what to do should they feel ill. >> frequent washing of hands, avoiding shaking hands with people who are sick, covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control, this fall's outbreak first started in the southeast where classes opened the earliest but have spread quickly. >> with schools starting, we're going to start seeing an uptick in cases. we also know that we're likely to see that uptick before the vaccine is available.
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>> reporter: fall pastimes like college football have taken a hit. at washington state university where 2200 students may have come down with h1n1. at emory university in atlanta, a vacant dorm building is now being used to house infected students. they've nicknamed is swine "u." here at the university of illinois-chicago, they are planning to offer the common flu vaccine to all 26,000 students. and the h1n1 vaccine, as soon as it's on the market. >> our plan is to hope for the best, prepare for the worst. >> reporter: but the new vaccine won't be available until sometime next month. and crowded campuses are perfect places for the virus to spread. so students are being advised to wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer regularly. and if they feel sick, see a doctor. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medic editor.
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dr. nancy, good morning to you. >> hello, meredith. >> h1n1 vaccine not expected till mid-october, but swine flu isn't waiting. hundreds of college kids, maybe thousands already infected. if you think you're one of them, what should you do and what shouldn't you do? >> well, this is that gap. you're right, between school starting and when the vaccine is available. so some very common-sense things to do. do not go to class if you don't feel well. you have to self-isolate yourself, quarantine yourself if you can. you heard kevin tibbles say use hand sanitizer, wash your hands. it sounds basic but it's the best way to avoid getting sk because of that transmission of virus on a hand to your mouth. that gets you ill. >> let's say you're already sick. >> self-quarantine yourself for sure. every school, as you know, has some kind of number to call for help. schools have been gearing up all summer long for this. figure out what that number is, whether it's to your local health advisory group that's been set up or whether it's to the infirmary. call that number.
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treat yourself with either ibuprofen or tylenol kind of medication for the fever. >> you say don't go to the emergency room. >> and make sure that you call someone to help be your support system. what not to do, do not go to the emergency room for two reasons. one, you're going to make other people who are already vulnerable sick. and the second thing is you'll clog up the system. and the other thing, what not to do, go to class. this is the one time to play hooky. plan ahead, e-mail your professors. they all know how to get information to you. and a lot of dorms are catering food in to students who are sick. >> when can you go back to class? >> at least one day after your fever has broken which means fever that has not been treated. only then can you go out in public. >> and in a lot of colleges you're sharing a room with one, two, even three roommates. what do they do? >> wl, some schools will have quarantine areas where if you're sick you can go. but basically, if you are close
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to home, ask if your parents can come and pick you up. if not, at least warn your roommates you are sick. they may want to bunk elsewhere. sometimes six kids will want to be with six kids. this is all about self-responsibility and self-quarantine. >> whatever you do, get that regular flu shot as well which is available now. >> get itearly. yeah. >> dr. nancy snyderman, thanks very much. >> nice outfit, meredith. >> you, too. we've got vest fever. welcome back to school. it is 7:17. once again here's matt. >> meredith, thank you. now to the latest on the case of the 18-year-long kidnapping deal of jaycee dugard. her case could very well change the way that police deal with convicted sex offenders. nbc's george lewis has that story. george, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. it's an issue that just won't go away. the local sheriff admits his office missed an opportunity to end this case three years ago. and the state department of corrections says it's taking a new look at the way parolees for sex crimes are monitored. long before jaycee dugard was
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abducted, 14 years to be exact, phillip garrido was sentenced to life for kidnapping and raping a woman in the reno, nevada, area. he was freed from prison on parole just 11 years later. now the man who prosecuted the kidnapped part of the case is angry, saying phillip garrido never should have been released. >> when you have that kind of a mindset, jail is not going to stop you. i don't doubt at all that the time he spent in jail, he did everything he had to do in order to get out as early as he possibly could so he could go back out and do the same thing again. >> reporter: he describes garrido as highly manipulative, the very quality that may have kept jaycee dugard under his control for the 18 years she lived at his house. allegedly bearing two daughters by him. >> once the children were born, of course, he now has a whole other angle by which he can control her. he can threaten the children's safety. he can threaten to rape them. he can threaten that if she runs away, she'll never see the children again. >> reporter: investigators continue to analyze evidence
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from the garridos' house. including an old van impounded friday night. it could be the same van that's created quite a stir on the internet. >> it was just this creepy footnote in a case that is so horrifying and so rare. >> reporter: if you go to google maps, put in garrido's address and select street view. there's that van in the driveway. >> it appears that the van actually follows the google vehicle with all these cameras on it for several blocks. and follows it even as the vehicle makes a turn. >> reporter: so was garrido tailing the camera car because he thought it was photographing his secret hideaway, a place that neither the sheriff's deputy nor his parole officer bothered to check? it's one of the many unanswered questions in this case. matt? >> george, thank you very much. we appreciate it. once again here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. now to 17-year-old tennis sensation melanie udan who
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become the toast of new york and the country during her remarkable run at the u.s. open. nbc's ron allen has her story. >> reporter: melanie udan says she has dreamed of this moment since she started playing tennis as a little girl, reaching the quarterfinals of a major event like the u.s. open. now at 17 years old, she's still little, just 5'6", but she's become her sport's newest star. >> i knew that i could do well. i just had to fight hard and play my game and just believe in myself. >> reporter: she is a spirited teen from marietta, georgia, who uses grit and determination to make up for her lack of size and strength. her trademark, her pink and yellow sneakers stamped with her motto, "believe." a lot of fans are believers now, too. the u.s. open is the biggest stage in the world of tennis. udan is the youngest american to do this well here in quite some time. a series of sterling comeback victories that have electrified crowds. victories over the much taller
7:22 am
russian. dementieva, then sharapova, and on monday, pedrova. >> it's the way she's doing it, her attitude, competitiveness, feistiness. >> reporter: they threw a party at the tennis club where udan got her start and set her goal to become pro when she was just 9 years old. >> she is by far, i mean, just one of the nicest young ladies you'd ever want to meet. so down to earth, so humble. and she's just a great girl. >> reporter: success has brought celebrity, tourists and mia mobbed her in times square. >> i think i'm doing a pretty good job handling it. it's definitely hard, but i'm trying to take it one step at a time. >> reporter: udan came here with modest goals and to prove she could compete with the best. along the way, she has become quite a sensation. for "today," ron allen, nbc news, flushing meadows, new york. >> great story. good for her. >> it is. i mean, she's really -- she's got people talking which is what they need. no question. >> exactly. coming up, they were only 12
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and 13 when they were arrested and later tried as adults for killing their father. now alex and derek king are out of prison and speaking out live for the first time. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, how to make your arms look like michelle obama's. the secrets to her workout. plus, rod blagojevich live in our studio after your local news and weather.
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good morning. it is now 7:26. you were dating the news this morning, president obama will deliver a highly anticipated speech in northern virginia this morning. he'll urge him to stay in school and work hard. it will be broadcast live on the white house website and on c-span. it's back to school for thousands of students in virginia. we're live where students are returning to class. kids in fairfax and alexandria are among those opening their
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doors this morning. they will be adjusting to new bus stops. the school system eliminated bus mi.5 llion.thernd fi ytrafenc whea and traffic en
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looking at the radar, scattered showers are with us from time to time but tapering off and ending by early afternoon. cloudy tonight and more showers wednesday and thursday. how is the traffic now? >> we'll check things out. a tough commute here. 395 northbound had an accident up around king street over to the shoulder but the delays begin and most of the way it's downtown.
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elsewhere, no surprises. 270 is loaded up and had a series of incidents by the way. very heavy and very slow. >> thanks, jerry. a new food movement that gois a step further than just going green. how one market is going all loco and bringing it
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it is 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 8th day of september, 2009. so yesterday marked the unofficial end of summer. and here we are just 24 hours later, it already feels like sweater weather here in the northeast. a lot of t-shirts out there. you could see umbrellas later in the week. al can tell us more about that in a little while. we want to say hi to those people. meanwhile inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. coming up in this half hour, an
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exclusive live interview with derek and alex king. remember them? they were just 12 and 13 when they were arrested. and later tried as adults for killing their own father. now they're out of prison. they've reunited for the first time in seven years, and we'll talk to them just ahead. also ahead, just nine months ago, rod blagojevich was the governor of illinois. now he has been impeach and also under indictment for allegedly trying to sell president obama's senate seat. so where does he go from here? he's going to tell us in a live interview. plus, how does michelle obama get those super-fit arms? the first lady and her longtime trainer are spilling the beans. we'll share their secret, show you the exercises just a little later. but we want to begin this half hour with the florida brothers, derek and alex king, who back in 2001 became two of the youngest children ever charged as adults with murder. the victim, their own father. their motive unclear. but some say a neighbor who was a convicted sex offender may have played a major role in that. outside their trial they've never talked publicly about the
7:32 am
case until they appeared last night on "dateline." here's nbc's keith morrison. >> it blows me away. i mean, it's just so shocking that iould do something like that. >> reporter: they're grown men now, 20 and 21, and free from prison. derek and alex king seem light years away from the angel-faced little boys who caught america's attention in that pensacola courtroom. >> can you state your full legal name? >> alex david king. >> reporter: they were 12 and 13 then. charged and tried as adults after allegedly bludgeoning their father to death with a baseball bat while he slept. >> my anger, just so overwhelming that i did what i thought was right. >> reporter: it appeared it was derek who swung the bat. alex who goaded him on. while under the thrawl of ricky chavez who was first acquitted after a bizarre and tangled trial. he was convicted of being an
7:33 am
accessory after the fact. but the boys were found guilty. alex got seven years. derek, eight. they spent time in adult prison, wound up in juvenile detention. >> for a long time, the road looked rather bleak. as the time would go on forever. >> reporter: now for the first time, alex shed light on the life that led to the killing. he says he navigated his troubled childhood in a kind of haze and that a feeling of nothingness followed him to prison. derek's life behind bars is grim. >> i encountered people, this is all you're going to be. you'll grow up in prison. six months, you'll be back. >> reporter: to meet the brothers today is a surprising experience. alex has been eraced by a family he met after he went to prison. >> having a family now is absolutely fabulous. it's really beyond description. >> reporter: in fact, a lot of strangers have helped the king brothers. >> it's shown me, okay, well,
7:34 am
they have so much hope and faith in me, i can't let them down. >> reporter: when we met alex, he hadn't seen his brother in more than seven years. but then this summer. >> we're here for my birthday party having a blast. >> reporter: derek joined alex at his 20th birthday party and then announced he wanted to live in jacksonville near alex. he's already enrolled in the same junior college his brother attends. alex loves math. derek thinks he's study english. he's not set on a major. with so many options now, he says, he'll need time to figure it out. >> now with "dateline's" keith morrison and derek and alex king are with us exclusively. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> i'll let either of you tackle this first question. i know you don't want to relive the crime or the trial. i'm curious as to why you both have decided to share your story in such a public manner right now. >> well, honestly, we decided to
7:35 am
come forward because, well, for one, we thought that given how we last left the eyes of the public, we just felt that they deserve more -- they deserve more -- a follow-up to know that all of their faith and their hope and good will weren't wasted on us. >> i would imagine not everyone had faith and good will, and we'll get to that in a second. i'm curious. we mentioned in the piece you two were separate for these past seven years, in separate detention centers. you've now, obviously, been reunited. have you had a chance to compare notes about your prison experiences, and are they -- or were they similar or dissimilar? >> well, as far as that goes, while occasionally something will come up, we more talk about nowadays college and where we plan to go with our lives in the future. we spend our days actually
7:36 am
planning out job hunts and classes we're going to take, and things along those lines as opposed to reliving the past. >> derek, you hear a lot of people talk about prison, and they say it's not a place to get rehabilitated. it's a place where criminals become better criminals. there are so many negative influences there. it seems -- and this is just a surface idea i have -- but it seems as if you two have managed to avoid the negative influences there and not be weighed down by those influences. how did you manage to do that? >> well, prison's what you make of it. and if you choose to do your time and, you know, benefit yourself and use it as a time of learning and a time to figure out, you know, what you did and try and, you know, work through the problems that led you to that place, then you can move on
7:37 am
past that, and you can have goals and, you know, you can set ambitions and everything up in a positive manner so that way on the other side of the gate, once you get released, you will have a positive future ahead of you. >> what in terms of counseling have you received both in prison and now currently? i mean, what you did and what you went through can mess up anybody, much less someone who was 12 and then someone who was 13 at the time. how extensive has the counseling been that you've received? >> i've been through several programs and stuff. every place that -- in there, there were counseling, and there were therapists there. >> alex? >> well, like my brother has spent many years inside of a program that is solely designed for therapy and rehabilitation,
7:38 am
i've spoken with many therapists and cnselors over the years. every place that i went to, as a matter of fact, i was assigned a counselor to talto. i've received extensive therapy and counseling over the years. and now outside of prison, i have not only my family group and my new friends, but also i have my church family where i'm now finally able to receive christian counseling as well. >> what would you say, and this is a little harder, and either of you can take this, what would you say to the people who say once a murderer, always a murderer? and yes what you did when you were 12 and 13 years old and they find it difficult to move on? how do you respond when you hear people say things like that? >> well, i feel that, you know, not to minimize the situation, but we all make mistakes, and we should not be judged on one act and one, you know, one spot in our life, that there are
7:39 am
chances, and there are times that, you know, we do see what we do wrong. an we, you know, we choose to move on past that. and we acknowledge the mistakes that we made and the bad choices that we made. and we can move on past that. and hopefully we learn from our pasts. and it sheds light on the future. it pushes us towards a positive path. >> derek -- >> i would also like to take a different angle on that. i agree completely with what my brother said. but also, i guess to be fair to those people, i mean, we did make a mistake. and many people do make that mistake. and if they choose, then, of course, they're well within
7:40 am
their rights to consider a person, once a murderer, always a rderer. however, there are a few select individuals who sometimes just decide to have faith and just blindly hope something. rosie o'donnell is a wonderful example. she just one day decided to invest a little bit of hope in me and my brother in hiring attorneys and helping us out in our case. katherine metico who i now cal l r ermoou amethl primp exale of that and inviting us both into her family, into her home. we just want to show by living our lives as productive citizens that that's not a mistake. that even though people do make mistakes, even though they make
7:41 am
errors, that there's still hope. >> and we wish you the best with that. derek and alex king, we thank you for joining us this morning. let's switch gears now and get a check of the weather frome al. >> thanks, matt. as we see what's going on out there and show you these back-to-school temperatures for kids heading back, well, we've got much above conditions. above normal conditions from the western great lakes back into the central plains and the southwest. below normal along the northeast coast where we'll be looking at a lot of rain. and precipitationwise going to be wet along the mid-atlantic states. rain in the central! good morning. an area of light to scattered rain is moving north out into the district of columbia and will continue for the next couple of hours. temperature also hold steady. 66 in washington. by early afternoon, the rain should enter in and cloudy. cloudy tonight and a shower in the morning tomorrow. there may be a passing afternoon shower. highs in the upper 70s and
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that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you very much. up next, former illinois govern governor, rod blagojevich, speaks out in a live interview. that's right after this.
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back at 7:45 with rod blagojevich, the ousted governor of illinois who is under indictment, accused of trying to sell president obama's former
7:46 am
senate seat. he says he did nothing wrong, and he's telling his side of the story in the new book, "the governor: the truth lind the political scandal that continues to rock the nation." rod blagojevich, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> since your arrest and the subsequent impeachment and the indictment, you have said repeatedly that you did do nothing wrong, that you're innocent and that eventually the facts will vindicate you. is that why you wrote this book essentially to prove your innocence? >> well, that's certainly part of it. when you're falsely accused of things you didn't do when you've been lied about and then threw from office after they've prevented you from having the truth be told including all of the different taped conversations that were basis of the false accusations. >> so you wanted your story on the record? >> when you're an honest person and you believe that you want to tell the people who hired you and trusted you that you didn't let them down, you look for the highest mountaintop you can find and shout out and say it just ain't so. so no one hears you if you're on the top of the mountain. so the next best thing is to write a book and be on a television show like yours and tell people. >> a lot of people who would be picking up this book will do so
7:47 am
because they want to know your response to this charge that you tried to sell the senate seat that was being vacated by barack obama when he was elected president. in the book, you write, this is a quote from you, there is nothing in my private conversations that would verify i was trying to sell the senate seat. yet in those taped conversations, at least by u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald right after your arrest, you're quoted as saying, "i want to make money on the senate seat and i've got this thick and it's bleeping gden and i'm just not giving it up for bleeping nothing." now, those two quotes widely circulated suggest you were trying to sell the seat. why do you address those quotes directly in your book? are you saying you never said that stuff? >> no, this is a story that's completely upside down. my accusers -- and i should point out i was arrested the morning after at 6:00 a.m. i had fbi agents in my bedroom at 6:00 a.m. the morning after i had instructed my chief of staff, as i write in the book, to work out the tactics on what
7:48 am
we had been working on which was a routine political deal that would have apointed a u.s. senator in exchange for the creation of 500,000 jobs through the investment of a public works develop -- health care -- >> let's get to the fact that you appoint the illinois attorney general, lisa madigan. if her father, the speaker of the house, would pass some of these bills you had championed. >> he was blocking a jobs bill, expanding health care to working-class families and i wanted also a written guarantee not to raise taxes on the people. a lot of political leaders were involved in those discussions with me and were willing to help us out including the president's chief of staff, rahm emanuel. >> you say rahm emanuel knew about this deal you were trying to make. >> we were engaging him to be involved and try to put it together. the senior senatorrom illinois, dick durbin, offered to help. i told him to hold a bid because i wanted it to be more ripe to try to consummate the deal. >> and you say harry reid also knew about this, senator harry reid. >> i had a conversation with
7:49 am
senator reid about the senate pick as well. and senator menendez, the head of the senate campaign congre congressional campaign. it is a peculiar coincidence that on the morning after i directed my chief of staff to work out the tactics, that i was arrested and stopped. and what is a complete lie and what is a mutilation of the truth is when the government claimed they were stopping a crime spree before it happened when just the opposite was true. they stopped a routine political deal that would have given 500,000 people jobs. 50,000 people health care. >> that would have been on the up and up, that kind of a deal? >> not only is that on the up and up, but that was the best deal i can get for the people of illinois. and notwithstanding, as i write in my book, my personal aversion to my choice because it was not somebody that i liked and her father had been blocking initiatives that were helpful to people. >> so if that's true and senator durbin knew about this and harry reid knew about this and rahm emanuel knew about this, they were all involved in some way, shape or form, why have none of them come out -- and this would vindicate you to some extent -- why have none of them come out
7:50 am
and said yeah, we had those conversations? >> well, let me say a couple things. and you say i didn't write about golden and all of that stuff. that, too, was taken out of context. >> did you say it? >> that was a complete lie. >> did you say it? >> i did say it because i said it in the context of politics, helping the people of illinois, health care and the senate seat not unlike president obama's political deal with hillary clinton where he agreed to raise money to retire her campaign debt and made her secretary of state. she got out of the race and supported him for president. the irony here, and it's as thick as can be, is that the very accusers who said those things and took things out of context had me arrested and stopped me from creating jobs for people in my state. health care for working families and a written guarantee not to raise taxes on people. the very people who made those accusations are the ones who went to court and are preventing hearing those tapes. i asked for every one of those conversations to be heard and
7:51 am
they'll tell the full story and show i did nothing wrong. >> those tapes presumably will be heard at your trial next year. the people involved, so many politicians have written it off and been dismissive about the book. they'll probably look at this book and use it against you if they can. are you concerned you could have jeopardized your case by writing this book prior to your trial? >> the simple truth is what will vindicate me. i will be completely vindicated because the things they've said are completely not the case and completely not true. and i would ask you this question. if what i'm saying is true is true and the tapes will bear out what i say and again, it's the prosecution that won't allow us to have those tapes heard publicly. but if what i say is true is true, then somebody is lying here. and it's not me. and if a governor was stolen from office by false accusations, knowingly given that something is seriously upside down, and that's what the story of this book is. >> rod blagojevich, we'll leave at that.
7:52 am
the book is called "the governor." t of people invveolisth including your wife and children. the best to them. >> thanks. >> at what is obviously a difficult time. and we're back right after this.
7:53 am
7:54 am
still ahead, we're going to get the secrets behind michelle obama's workout. plus an update on the 6-year-old whose hand was d red atd retached after a e zarrreaccident with a jump rope. we'll find out how she's doing now, well, i think, after your local news. za
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:56 is your time now. 56 degrees, cloudy skies, and rain in the area. and kids head back to school this morning. good morning to you. i'm lynn yang on this tuesday, september 8th, 2009. in the news this morning, president obama will deliver a highly anticipated speech to school children in northern virginia this morning. he urges them to stay in school and work hard. beilitl broadcastn o o . n ansp and a rremde tanoin drivers
7:57 am
eschierfoa r, soaldndd r w y aot you aon't o t t theoo in gusch using south buchanan or culpepr streets. metro is mauling over another fair hike. they are trying to close the $100 mill kwlen deficit. nothing is set in stone yet but 20st year was in. we're going to
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. cloudy and school. scattered areas of light to moderate rain advancing south out of the north. it will be with us here from time to time throughout the morning and should taper off by early afternoon. cloudy the rest of the afternoon and into the night. cloudy and passing showers are possible both days. into the weekend, though, drying out. jerry, how is your traffic now? >> taking a live look, it's been a bit rocky. leaving 256 up towards the north allegiant bridge. a couple of accidents are all cleared. we had a couple of problems in the northeast. right now we are looking at the same story through southeast. tonight a new food movement that goes one step forward than going green. how it's getting all local and brin
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, september 8th, 2009. we have a great crowd starting the morning with us here in rockefeller plaza. later they'll be treated to a live performance by country music superstars brooks & dunn. and along with matt lauer and al roker. also ahead, an amazing little girl. >> remember erica rich. i think we first met her last
8:01 am
year after a freak accident severed her left hand. and we met her after it had been reattached. w a year later erica is back joining us this morning with her mom, as you can see there, and we're just going to find out how she's doing. judging from that smile, she's doing pretty well. smiles on both of their faces. we look forward to catching up with her. also ahead, michelle obama's candid interview about her fitness routine and those amazing arms that every woman covets a what she does. that's coming up. and a little bit later on, dan brown's much anticipated new book, "the lost symbol," comes out one week from today. i like when i said that, "the lost symbol"! coming up, an exclusive first look at the book and the amazing efforts to keep it under wraps until its release. >> and you have a copy, don't you? >> why would you do that to me and everybody's going to start breaking into my office? >> that's right.
8:02 am
>> i am -- yes, i do. ido. but i had to sign my life away basically to get that. anyway, we'll tell you more about that. let's go iide with ann at the news desk with a look at all the headlines. hi, ann. >> president obama delivers his back-to-school pep talk today urging students to set goals and live up to their responsibilities. now former first lady laura bush has come forth saying she supports the president's decision to speak to students. conservative pundits have been criticizing the speech in an attempt to promote a political agenda and some parents have expressed concern. this morning education secretary arne duncan had this to say about the president's message. >> well, obviously, it's totally voluntary. people want to watch, that's great. they can watch during the school day today. they can watch after school. they can watch with their parents tonight or two months from now or they can never watch. but the point is the whole focus of the speech is the president talking directly to students and challenge them to take personal responsibility for their education. he challenges them to devop
8:03 am
their skills, their talents, their intellect, and i think it's a very, very important message for our nation to hear. >> the president is also fine-tuning his primetime address on health care reform tomorrow. he has promised new details about coverage and costs and is meeting with democratic leaders in congress to talk about strategy. nato has admitted for the first time today that civilians were killed in last week's air strike in afghanistan that targeted two hijacked fuel tankers. also today a taliban car bomber attacked a nato convoy outside a base near kabul airport. the interior ministry says at least three civilians lost their lives and six others were wounded. the united nations human rights office said today that sudan's conviction of a woman for wearing pants violates international law. hussein was spared a flogging but was fined $200 on monday for indecenc indecency. she refuses to pay the fine and will instead serve a month in prison in defiance. and a marriage proposal did not go exactly as planned over
8:04 am
the weekend. he popped the question during a hiking trip in maryland. she said yes. then tumbled off the trail, was knocked unconscious and had to be rescued by helicopter. the bride-to-be suffered bumps and bruises but is doing just fine today. it is now 8:03. let's go back outside to matt and meredith. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. >> all righty. >> he's working the crowd over here. >> nice folks over here. where you guys from, trying to take a picture of us. >> tampa, florida. >> tampa, florida. your picture's on tv. that's much better than a picture with me. much, much better. let's see what's happening. pick city today, albany, georgia, nbc 10. sunny, hot, 92 degrees. summer's not over there. as you look at the jet stream today, we've got a system along the coast that's going to bring heavy rain along the mid-atlantic coast. the heat continues out west. the jet stream goes way up to the north. we're talking about the heat continuing in the southwest into
8:05 am
southern california. cool conditionstions over the w! we've had rain around our region. in fact, there's a flood watch out where they've had heavier rain. moderate to heavy downpours. it's just now beginning to advance into parts of the county coming in from the south and it should be making its way into the metro area in the next couple of hours. temperatures in the 70s. mid-07s this afternoon and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. still ahead, country music's most successful duo of all time, brooks & dunn here for their first tv experience speaking of plans to split up. but first, the survivor of a freak accident who lost her arm
8:06 am
and was able to get it back. we will talk to her right after this. oh, guys, i can see it! they're setting it up right now! is it true? are there really going to be cranberries? yep, i can see the boxes, and there's definitely yogurty clusters in there too! i think this is a 24-hour store. introducing kellogg's® raisin bran extra! with cranberries, almonds and yogurty clusters, it's raisin bran with so much extra. ♪ raisin bran extra! it's a mouthful of awese! we speak car. sure, but do we speak hybrid? yes, we do. and we can say 700 miles on a single tank and epa estimated 41 mpg city and all the words stick because they're true. we speak the most fuel-efficient
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you look down and you're like, ooh that's a lot farther than i thought it was going to be. well that wasn't bad at all, that was fun. we are back now at 8:09. all this week we're going to update some of the most amazing stories we have brought you in recent months. this morning, a very brave little girl. we first met erica a year ago after a terrible accident while she was riding home from soccer. we're going to catch up to erica and her mom in just a moment. but first, nbc's michael okwu has their story. >> here's another horse. >> reporter: 6-year-old erica ricks enjoying her collection of stuffed animals, gifts from strangers moved by her remarkable story. >> who gave you that bear? >> a policeman.
8:11 am
>> reporter: remarkable and horrifying. a year ago this month, little erica was in the back of her mother's car on the way home from soccer practice when she decided to tie one end of a jump rope to her wrist and playfully dangle the rest out of the window. >> i wanted to see it go up and down because i thought it was going to fly. >> reporter: her mother, allison, had no idea until the accident happened. >> i just screamed and then she stopped the car. >> she was screaming and screaming. and so i got out of the car, and at her window that was just cracked about that much, the remaining part of her hand was. and most of it was gone. >> reporter: turns out the rope got snagged in the wheel's axle. remember, the other end of the rope was still tied to erica's wrist. the force simply severed her hand of good samaritans rushed to help. >> i said, "where's her hand? where's her hand?"
8:12 am
and a lady -- i believe it was pat -- said, "it's here. i'm standing over it, and there's a rope attached to it." >> reporter: erica has little memory of the rest. she was rushed to the hospital where for ten hours doctors reattached her hand. two weeks after the accident erica appeared on "today" and spoke with meredith. >> hey, erica, if i can start with you, you look terrific, honey. you're a very, very brave little girl. how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: feeling good, and one year later, continuing on the road to recovery. for "today," michael okwu, nbc news, los angeles. >> and erica is here along with her mom, allison. hi, folks. how are you? >> hi. >> good. >> what a smile. did you notice in the piece there you were missing one of your front teeth and look what's come in there, just in time for school, right? >> mm-hmm. >> yeah? how you feeling? >> good. >> how's your hand doing? >> good. >> yeah? can you move it completely? >> i can move my thumb. >> your thumb. >> and she's working on her fingers right now. >> and i can move my wrist.
8:13 am
>> it's incredible, isn't it? it can wave. are there things you want to do, erica, that you can't do yet with your hand? >>m-hmm. >> like what? >> like monkey bars. i love doing monkey bars but i can't do them anymore. >> but soon, right, you keep working on it? tell me about some of the surgeries she's had. how many has she had? >> well, about -- yeah, shortly after the accident, she went through about a four-week period where she was in surgery every three days. and then she's hadbout four major ones where she was in the hospital. and then the biggest problem was she suffered from a few really bad infections. >> right. >> and so the long-term prognosis, what the doctors tell you will be the eventual use of her hand, what do they say? >> well, we're lucky to have the best doctors in the world. she will be able to move her fingers like this.
8:14 am
>> right. i saw you do that a second ago. they moved a little bit, right? >> yeah. she had -- in may -- yeah. in may she had a tendon transfer. and that will give her just motion and working with her occupational therapist. she's working very hard. soon she will -- she will have that. >> it's unfortunate because she's, you know, you don't smile a lot, and then all that. i think her personality probably had a lot to do with her recovery. she's got a real cheery disposition. >> oh -- >> she told you not to touch her, mom. didn't you say that? you said, "mom, don't touch me. you embarrass me." >> we are at the children's hospital all the time, and this girl just rules the hallways. she knows everywhere we go, up the elevators, and we'll see the anesthesiologists, and they all remember erica. and she just -- everybody just remembers her little smile. >> erica, do you remember much about the accident or not that
8:15 am
much? >> i remember everything. >> do you really? everything? i'm not sure if maybe that's a good or a bad thing. there was confusion about how it actually happened. >> right. >> have you figured it all out now? >> every day i think about how did this happen? but, you know, it happened in a split second. and she only rolled her window down about that much. >> that far. >> and i didn't even know she grabbed this rope. i mean, believe me, i spend every day of my life going, how did this happen? but i'm grateful that, you know, it turned out the way it did. >> it turned out the way it did. >> because it would have -- every thought that erica would actually have her arm amputated. you know, we had dr. jeffrey alice was an amazing doctor, and dr. mennen and all of her doctors who spent almost 11 hours on her. >> right. and erica, you've gone back to
8:16 am
school already, right? you're in the first grade now, is that right? what's your teacher's name? >> her name is mrs. hunt. >> do you want to say hi tors. hunt and some of the other students in the class? >> hi, mrs. hunt. >> what about your classmates? >> isabella and -- >> i hope it's not a big class. >> it's . >> how many? >> 22. >> 22? >> it's belle. >> well, why don't we just say hi to all your classmates. >> okay. hi, class! >> and we're thrilled you're doing so well. we really are. it's great to have you back here. and we hope you have continued progress, all right? good luck. i know s has a surgery coming up for scar tissue. >> yes scar tissue's our biggest struggle these days. she had her tendon transfer, but the scar tissue is building up around it and blocking her mobility. so she will have surgery in a couple weeks. >> all right. erica, good luck with that. will you come back and see us again soon? okay?
8:17 am
it's great to have you here. allison, nice to see you. >> thank you so much. tomorrow, we'll catch up with the mom who gave birth to her daughter's triplets. but up next, michelle obama reveals her workout routine and what else she does to stay fit right after this. if saving money happened as automatically as everything else? at bank of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rerd cs visaredit card and en sarvirdwa like cash back with every purchase. gsav or even use to help pay down reyo c card balance. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. without my makeup. now, it's no problem.
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announcer: it gives the world fewer smog-forming emissions. it gives you a 50 mile per gallon rating. the 3rd generation prius. it's harmony between man, nature and machine. this morning on "today's fitness," michelle obama's health routine. during her short time in the white house, the first lady has become a role model in many ways including her flair for fitness. michelle obama became the first lady, she's captured almost as many headlines as her husband. >> it is a pleasure to be here with you today. >> reporter: hers not for implementing national policy or attending international summits,
8:22 am
but more for her fashions and her physique. >> michelle obama's arms are amazing. anybody would be lucky to have them. >> she's such a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman. and with her arms, it wraps that up. >> i would love to have michelle obama arms. >> reporter: her toned armed are often on display thanks to a variety of sleeveless tops and dresses she wears. and as a result, many women have been inspired to get into shape, hoping to achieve the first lady's trademark buff arms. >> for months women have been coming in and wanting michelle obama arms. they're long and they're lean. and i think that women like that. you don't want to look like a linebacker. they want to look very defined, chiselled, and that's what michelle obama's arms look like. see the difference? >> "women's health" magazine scored an in-depth interview with michelle obama as well as the trainer for the october issue. michelle is the magazine's editor in chief, jennifer is their fitness editor. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> great interview with her. she really opens up about how
8:23 am
she stays healthy. how difficult given her hectic schedule both as a mom and first lady? >> what's so endearing about michelle obama is she talks about herself like she's the typical working mom trying to fit it all in. the way she fits it in is having 5:30 a.m. workouts. >> how many times a week? >> about four times a week. she's very committed to this. >> she also talks about individual responsibility when it comes to taking care of your health which is an important distinction to make as we're talking about universal health care here. >> absolutely. she talks about the fact that we all make choices every single day about what we put in our mouths and whether we hit the zbim, and that has a huge cumulative effect on our own life and on national health. and s >> and she points out in the article she doesn't deny herself -- she loves hamburgers and fries. >> she says they're her favorite thing in the whole world. she wants to make good choices and have it once in a while. >> women say they want her arms above everything else. >> they are enviable arms.
8:24 am
at "women's health," this is the story of the century. >> and you don't need perfect genes to get it. you're going to show us exercises. these are exercises the first lady actually does. begin with the bicep curl? >> this is the one-minute hammer curl. so what you want to do continuously is lift up the dumbbells in alternating motions. for one minute. >> okay. >> and so what this does, it fatigues the muscle all the way. so by the end of the minute, you want to make sure that you can't really squeeze out too many more reps. >> so is it the weight in terms of the dumbbell, it's about the number of reps? >> it is a little bit about the weight. you want it to be heavy enough that you're fatigued at the end of that minute. but this rhythmic motion gets that muscle pumping. >> all right. that's for the biceps. now for the triceps. >> we have to move over to this pulley push-down. this is a tricep push-down. jen's going to demonstrate. at the end of the movement, you're going to contract this muscle here. this is where aot of women retain fat. >> sure. >> you know that jiggly area and
8:25 am
then lift it back up. and this is an overhand grip. you're going too about 15 or 20 reps. this is set at 10 or 15 pounds. that should be good for most women. if it's too light, up that weight. >> then you reverse your grip. >> exactly. this is what we call -- or michelle'scornell, called the flip grip for 15 or 20 and that hits the muscle from a slightly different angle and makes the shaping more efficient. >> and finally, the lower body, she does something called mountain climbing? >> mountain climbing. >> yeah, you have to have cardio to burn the fat, and this is something that sky rockets your heart rate and burns a lot of calories. >> and an ab workout. >> this is not for the faint of heart, tsexciseerokay, ?exercisy that's the mountain climber. >> on that note, better her than me. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back after your local news. start working those arms.
8:26 am
8:26 is the time and we have morning clouds. in the news for today, kids go . to olho counties are having tool shell f caa ou y if you w your cars to w your cars to school. il wowitl n costn alkar onsc a scho's t,loch wt,hi which is w70 ieasreld o ld $2 $2500 fee. be called a"d fi
8:27 am
decision." ."$1decisi $1 for sport00 athletic fee and advancement placement fee are among new fees that students will face this year. we'll take a break and get a look at ournd ticraff and traff on this tuesday. stay with us
8:28 am
good morning. cloudy and cool and we're just about to come into washington. in fairfax, washington, the northern neck and just to the north and west of fredericksburg, this is continuing to move to the north and we'll be with usz into early in the afternoon. drndy aloud cndntyyy i i tonigh and tomorrow, more showers. jerry, how is the traffic at
8:29 am
this hour? >> tom, it's been a challenge at many locations. 66 remaining slow for the last couple of miles. an accident at the loop and accident at 295 at pennsylvania avenue. >> a new food movement that goes a step forward than just going green. how one market is goi
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 8th day of september, 2009. out here on the plaza, nice social people have gathered getting over the long labor day weekend. some people back to school. but it's nice to have them with
8:31 am
us. and -- oh, look at kathy. kathy griffin with the crowd. by the way, you may hear a little brooks & dunn. they are going to be pforming in our studio. the big news with them, they're calling it quits. >> really? >> after their next tour. the most successful country duo, i think, in history. >> why would they do that? >> we're going to ask them that and get to the bottom of it. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry and al roker. >> by the way, you two look good. you look good all the time. okay, fine. anyway, appreciate that. thank you. you look beautiful. >> no, you look great. you look great. you are going to kick off our search for the lost symbol? >> the lost symbol, of course, is dan brown's new novel. it's the first he has written since "the dvinci code." you think the expectations are this are pretty high? they're printing something like 5 million copies of this book. >> wow! >> we're going to get a
8:32 am
hind-the-scenes peek at this. i promise we won't give anything away. also ahead watch out because comedienne kathy griffin is here out with a new memoir and it includes some pretty serious revelations about her life. it is not all jokes in there. we're going to talk with her in just a moment. a little earlier you were talking about michelle obama's workout, how she gets those arms. we're going to find out what president obama does in the revelations about his workout. so obviously hugs are involved which is a good thing. good for everybody's health. but first of all, al, the weather. >> yes! actually, it's roker, but that's -- no. let's show you what's going on. for today, slight risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley and central plains. sunny out west. not great news but better news for the firefighters there. we're looking for rip currents along the mid-atlantic coast. for tomorrow, we've got rip currents from the mid-atlantic all the way up into the northeast. showers in the pacific northwest. thundershowers in the southwest. heavy rain tomorrow in southern
8:33 am
california -- make that southern florida. and we've got some friends who just moved here from cl]; good morning. we have scattered showers across northern virginia and parts of southern maryland on this tuesday morning. back to work and school. and this area of rain is advancing north. just now coming into alexandria, should be crossing into washington shortly and perhaps up into montgomery county and prince georges county in the next few minutes. we're holding in the 60s now but then by this afternoon with just and this young lady, you just turned 80? what's your name? >> corinne. >> man, whatever you're having, i'll have some. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. all right. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. up next, an exclusive first look at dan brown's upcoming book, "the lost symbol." but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
and thisorning we're kicking off today's "search for the lost symbol." dan brown's highly anticipated novel hits stores a week from today. it's been six years since "the da vinci code" since it became one of the biggest in history with 81 million copies in print worldwide. expectations for brown's new book, as you might expect, very high. and interest in the plot even higher. and both have publisher doubleday pulling out all the stops to keep the book under wraps. >> reporter: this is an exclusive first look at the book expected to be the biggest release of the year. it's already ushered in a few firsts. "the lost symbol" has a first printing of 5 million copies, a record for doubleday.
8:37 am
and books are kept under an unprecedented level of security. >> we have closed-circuit tvs that are monitoring the books at all times in a secure area that is also guarded. >> reporter: security, editorial and publicity, anyone having anything at all to do with this book has had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, more than 10,000 in all. the marketing team is working 24/7 on the book's release. details of the plot have been fiercely guarded, fueling intrigue and speculation even internally. >> i actually don't have any employees that have read it. >> reporter: it's all partt of dan brown's strategy. >> there's been a lot of speculation about what dan is writing about this time around. >> reporter: jason coffman has been brown's editor for 12 years. >> we wanted people to go into reading this book without any preconceived notions. you know, there have been books in the past written about what people thought this book was going to be about before it was even finished or even written. >> reporter: what we do know is that robert langdon is back once
8:38 am
more taking on secret societies. this time the free masons. and anticipation for "the lost symbol" has reached a fever pitch. brown's book has been called a global economic stimulus package for publishing. >> it's been six years since "the da vinci code," so there is so much anticipation and pent-up demand by dan brown, it's almost indescribae. >> reporter: the movies have helped. tom hanks starred in "the da vinci code" movie making in more than $750 million. "angels and demons" followed last may. dan brown was produce other both movies, and the same team is expected for "the lost symbol" movie, but first comes the novel. >> we're filling tens of thousands of orders already. "the da vinci code" is the best-selling nonfiction in history and we have the same expectations for "the lost symbol." dan brown is the rock star for fiction writers. >> reporter: despite the fact that few know anything about it. so yeah. >> we'd have to torture you to
8:39 am
get the information. >> let's start. >> i would give in. on the first drip of water, i'd spill the whole beans. i have no secrets. but it's very well written. it's a page-turner, no question about it. >> no surprise, right? >> exactly. we've decided to have some fun with the clues of our own. we're leading up to the release of "the lost symbol." i traveled to a few of the locations that play key roles in the book. nd starting tomorr'l, owlwe ve you new clue each day to see if you can figure out where we are. you can post your guesses on we'll reveal the answers on september 16th. that is the day after "the lost symbol" comes out. also want to mention we'll have a rare exclusive interview with dan brown himself next tuesday, the morning of "the lost symbol's" release. >> ooh. >> and we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back at 8:41. through sheer will and a touch of shamelessness, our next guest has won two emmys, been minated for a grammy and now comedienne kathy griffin is looking to add a pulitzer prize to that list with today's release of her new book, "official book club selection, a memoir according to kathy griffin." kathy, good morning to you. >> congratulations for you for being the first to call that i will be winning a pulitzer prize. i think it's a foregone conclusion. >> i do, too. and at the "today" show, we love to do that. >> thank you. >> all kidding aside, i picked up this book thinking it was going to be a lot of jokes. it's not. >> there's some serious parts. >> very serious parts. >> unexpected bombs to be dropped. >> why was that important for you? >> because, you know, i feel like people see what i do on "the d-list" and see i'm being silly and on tour all the time. and yet there's a back story. that's not always pretty. >> yeah. before we get to the back story, very early on in the book you talk about where some of your humor comes from. as a little kid -- >> yeah. >> -- you used to go across the street and snitch on your family
8:43 am
to the neighbors. >> does that ring a bell? >> it does. >> nothing has really changed, meredith. i'm still pretty much -- i'm going to go across the street and tell people what you were really like. it continues. the cycle continues. >> there would be nothing negative in that. >> no, that wouldn't sell tickets or books. there's a little smack talk about celebrities which is fun. >> there is. a few people -- >> a few people i'm pretty hard on. >> that you take on. but most people you're pretty nice about and you're honest about your career. you're not somebody who was an overnight success. >> no. >> in fact, i don't think so that's possible. you talk a lot about hard work and showing up is 99% of the battle here. >> well, that's my battle. and also showing up in the face of all the sexism in show business and all the redidiculos ridiculousness that is celebrity. i don't know if you've ever heard of sarah palin, but as a comedien comedienne, she's a dream come true. i like to latch on that and make
8:44 am
fun of. >> you say in the book -- >> it's harder for women, let's cut the crap. >> and always has been and always will be, you think? >> i don't know about always will be but i can't believe that it still is. i can't believe when you go to a comedy club, the ratio is still 9-1. >> why do you think that is? >> there's this stigma that chicks aren't funny. that's perpetuated by guys that aren't funny and talking about my figure. and i'm talking about matt lauer. >> he's jealous of a lot of things. that's just one. >> what's the worst fight you ever had with matt? >> the worst fight i ever had? >> was it personal or professional? i thought matt got canned. does he still work here? >> we're not supposed to talk about that right now. >> i'm sorry, comfortable. something we'll cover in the next edition. >> let's talk about the serious side of this. >> my own image. excited. >> kathy, kathy. >> sorry. >> you talk about your brother. >> yes. >> who had a lot of issues. >> yes. >> he was a drug addict. you believed he was a pedophile. >> yes.
8:45 am
spent time in prison. died in your mom's arms. >> died no ed in my mom's arms. it's the irish catholic story and i'm the irish catholic who went wrong. i just felt like my relationship with my brother was obviously strained. we were estranged until he died. but i couldn't really write the book without talking about him. and it wasn't easy, obviously. but when you have someone like that in your family, for me it influenced kind of almost who i became because, you know, it certainly taught me that you have to laugh to get through anything, especially the difficult times. and that's really why i write about stuff like that in the book. i write about my failed marriage and my pedophile brother, and there's some bombs in there. >> your stick-to-itiveness is something that really helped in your career but not so much in your personal career. >> i would like to use the term screws me in my personal life. matt's already fired me. it is a book about sort of sticking to it and maybe in a relationship -- >> a lot of money for you, and you made the decision to try to
8:46 am
make it work. >> i stuck in there too long. while it did serve me well in my career, because i am the cockroach that won't go away, so really just get used to me, america. and in my relationships sometimes it doesn't always serve me well. but it took me a while to get that that relationship wasn't working. >> yeah. well -- >> quite a while. >> i can't let you go, you always have to take on somebody. so your idea of the perfect day involving celebrity. >> well, i would be -- i would sneak into some sort of celebrity function. probably at matt lauer's house. and there would be a lot of famous people like maybe crazy old tom cruise would be there, you know, toasting him or saluting him in some way. and that would be fun. and then i would call you later and tell you what really happened. the things that matt was afraid to tell you. >> why wouldn't i be at the party? excuse me. >> i heard that matt doesn't get along with you offstage. >> you read that in your pa thebl pathetic magazines of yours. >> i'm at the party but not in the vip. i've got a little vantage point
8:47 am
into celebrity but i haven't technically invited to your house for lunch. >> are you saying you're going to go from "b" to "t"? >> no. that's not possible. yesterday i was at the airport feeling very famous and someone came up to me and said think loved my work. irsd thank you very much. and he said, "good-bye, kathie lee." >> oh, well, i guess you're right. >> yeah, i'm on the "d" list where i belong. >> but you'veot a book and a pulitzer coming up. >> what am i going to wear? >> you'll think of something. >> something designer. >> it's called "official book club selection: memoir according to kathy griffin." thank you, kathy. next, brooks & dunn perform live and talk about her plans to split up. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
"the toyota concert series" on "today." toyota, moving forward. >> well, inase you haven't heard, brooks & dunn shocked the country music worldhen they announced after 23 number one hits, 11 studio albums and more than 20 years of making music qugether, they will call it its after their first tour. they're here for their first big interview after that big announcement, it's called "number one and then some." kix and dunn, nice to have you back. >> one question. >> this is unacceptable, this breaking up thing.
8:50 am
this is unacceptable. >> that's the thing to do. >> what do you mean, you have things to do? >> the olympics, he's got wine to make. >> what sport are you competing in? >> curling. >> curling. >> we were actuall talking about doing the show, and somebody said we've got to wake up? we thought they said break up. >> and confused here? >> and now what the heck. we're going to take a vacation. >> were you both on the same page with this? people are going to look for some scandalous back story here. is there one, and if not, can we make one up? >> yeah, there is one. >> yeah? what is it? >> we're under lock and key undethe witness protection program. >> we're looking forward to hearing it. >> it's time, right? >> pretty much. >> will you become the brett favres of the country music world and come back, like, five times? >> you can't have a reunion until you break up. >> that's a good way to look at it. i want to tell everybody that you are now joined by the boys and girls choir of harlem alumni eaea y y >h.ththat right? r>>eah. the re of t them or something like that. >> all right.
8:51 am
ladies and gentlemen, brooks & dunn. ♪ old man wrigley lived in that white house ♪ down the street where i grew up ♪ ♪ momma used to send me over with things ♪ ♪ we struck a friendship up ♪ i spent a few long summers ♪ out on his old porch swing ♪ said he was in the war when in the navy ♪ ♪ lost his wife, lost his baby ♪ broke down and asked him one time ♪ ♪ i said how you keep from going crazy ♪ ♪ he said i'll see my wife and son in just a little while ♪ ♪ i asked him what he meant
8:52 am
♪ he looked at me and smiled ♪ said i raise my hands ♪ bow my head ♪ i'm finding more and more truth ♪ ♪ in the words written in red ♪ they tell me that there's more to life ♪ ♪ than just what i can see ♪ oh i believe ♪ a few years later i was off at college ♪ ♪ talkin' to mom on the phone one night ♪ ♪ getting all caught up on the gossip ♪ ♪ the ins and outs of the small town life ♪ ♪ she said oh by the way son ♪ old man wrigley's died
8:53 am
♪ later on that night ♪ i laid there thinkin' back ♪ thought about a couple of long-lost summers ♪ ♪ i didn't know whether to cry or laugh ♪ ♪ if there was ever anybody ♪ deserved a ticket to the other side ♪ ♪ it'd be that sweet old man ♪ who looked me in the eye ♪ and said i raise my han ♪ bow my head ♪ i'm finding more and more truth ♪ ♪ in the words written in red ♪ they tell me that there's more to life ♪ ♪ than just what i can see
8:54 am
♪ i can't quote the book ♪ or the chapter or the verse ♪ you can't tell me it all ends ♪ ♪ in a slow ride in a hearse ♪ you know the longer that i live ♪ ♪ the more that i'm convinced ♪ there can't be ♪ there there can't be ♪ no there can't be all there is ♪ ♪ when i raise my hands ♪ bow my head ♪ oh i'm finding more and more truth ♪ ♪ in the words written in red ♪ they tell me that there's more to life ♪ ♪ than just what i can see ♪ i believe
8:55 am
♪ oh i ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe ♪ i believe >> bronn.
8:56 am
good morning on this 8th day of september. it's 66 degrees. it's back to school for thousands of students this virginia. chopper 4 flew over the high school. kids in arlington and alexandria are opening the doors this morning. many are adjusting to new bus stops. the school system eliminated many buses saving $4.5 million. in just a few hours, president obama will speak to students across the country urging them to stay in school and to work hard. the spich begins at noon. you can read it right now. it's posted on our website. we're going to take a break an and
8:57 am
stay with us. h
8:58 am
good morning. as we look at radar, the patches of area of light rain where you s
8:59 am
blue and green, it's coming down a lot harder. it's advancing to the north and will be with us here from time to time as we get into the next few hours. by early afternoon t. should taper off. we're in the mid-60s. under the cloudy skies, we should reach the mid-70s by the late afternoon. a passing shower tomorrow and thursday. jerry, how is the traffic now? >> there is an accident on the inner loop, the wilson bridge, in the local lanes. look at that. it's something that we don't see very much anymore. elsewhere, an accident right at pennsylvania avenue northbound and southbound jammed because of that lingering delays on 395. joe? >> jerry, thanks very much. so tonight at 5:00, a new food
9:00 am
and we're back now with more of today on a tuesday morning. 8th day of september, 2009. back to school, back to work for a lot of people. the reason these people are smiling is they're doing neither of these two thin. not back at school or back at work. we're happy they've joined us. meanwhile, the gang's all here. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. and unfortunately this half hour we'll be talking about something we'll be talking about a lot over the next couple of months. and that is swine flu or h1n1.
9:01 am
what about this report at washington state university, up to 2,200 students already infected there. with the vaccine a good month away. so we're going to go over some of the things you need to do again, and can't say it enough, wash your hands, then wash them again. very important. >> actually set up dorms that are just quarantine dorms. scary. speaking of health, we're going to take you inside the obama family's health regimen. we already know theresident is famous for his workouts. so is the first lady with her buff arms. of course, this morning, an unprecedented look at what they actually do to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle while trying to teach their daughters good habits as well. so far seems like they're doing a great job. >> great example for the rest of us as well. also, from healthy habits to your hair. you know, every woman knows it's all about the hair including miss tyra banks, and she's here to get real with us this morning because that's what she's doing on the new season of her show, "the tyra show."
9:02 am
she's going to reveal about what she has coming up this season as well as next on "america's next top model." plus, a couple of monsters in the house? >> yes, we do. we've got elmo and elmo's mommy. they're talking about the economic crisis. it's not just affecting parents. it affects kids as well. and i get to host along with my wife a special on pbs coming up tomorrow night, "elmo's mommy loses her job." >> important information. all right, al, thanks very much. >> i never knew elmo's mommy. very cute. >> very nice. let's go inside with ann at the news desk with the headlines of the morning. >> thank, guys. good morning once again. in the news, president obama is giving a back-to-back speech today to the nation's schoolchildren. the president's using the speech to appeal to students to make the most of the coming year by staying in school and paying attention. speech as speech as an ng t improper use of school time. some even call it leftist indoctrination. a special commission says it
9:03 am
has found what it calls convincing evidence of fraud in last month's presidential election i afghanistan. and it is ordering a recount of some of the votes. and also the taliban is claiming responsibility for the largest attack in kabul since the election. at least three civilians were killed and six were injured when a car bomb attacked a nato convoy near the instance to the capital's military airport. the united nations human rights office said today that sudan's conviction of a woman for wearing pants violates international law. hussein was spared a flogging but was fined $200 monday for indecency which she's declined to pay. today she was freed from jail after a journalists union paid the fine. police and prosecutors in milwaukee say they have arrested a man linked to nine unsolved murders going back to 1986. the victims, all women, are said to be tied to the suspect by dna evidence. police are not commenting on a possible motive.
9:04 am
the san francisco oakland bay bridge is still closed today while workers are to fix a cck discovered in the 72-year-old span. drivers are looking for other ways to get to work including trains and ferries. officials are hoping for a reopening tomorrow morning. with students back in school, colleges coast to coast are getting ready for a swine flu outbreak. and nbc's kevin tibbles reports the outbreaks are already starting. >> reporter: on college campuses across the country, the kids are moving in. at chicago's depaul university, like elsewhere, there's an uninvited guest, the swine flu. >> swine flu or not, i've always just lived at home with my ec family. and so it's different living in a place with this many people. >> you have to be a little concerned, but what can you do? they have to go to school. >> reporter: college websites now counsel students on what to do should they feel ill. >> frequent washing of hands, avoiding shaking hands with people who are sick, covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough. >> reporter: according to the centers for disease control, this fall's outbreak first started in the southeast where
9:05 am
classes opened the earliest but has spread quickly. >> with schools starting, we're going to start seeing an uptick in cases. we also know that we're likely to see that uptick before the vaccine is available. >> reporter: fall pastimes like college football have taken a hit. at washington state university where 2,200 students may have come down with h1n1. at emory unirsity in atlanta, a vacant dorm building is now being used to house infected students. they have nicknamed it "swine you." here at the university of illinois-chicago they are offering the common flu vaccine to all 26,000 students. and the h1n1 vaccine, as soon as it's on the market. >> our plan is to hope for the best, prepare for the worst. >> reporter: but the new vaccine won't be available until sometime next month. and crowded campuses are perfect places for the virus to spread. so students are being advised to wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer regularly.
9:06 am
and if they feel sick, see a doctor. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. and six people including three children were hurt when a motorized parachute with two people crashed into a labor day event in utah. the parachute was being used to drop prizes when unexpected winds forced it to come down on the crowd. the injuries do not appear to be life threatening. it is now five minutes past the hour. now we go back outside to matt. >> ann, thank you very much. tragic story, these two ladies in town visiting, first day in new york, she slices her hand, but get this, making martinis. al? >> wow! didn't know it was a hazardous duty job. we've got a beautiful young lady. what's your name? >> abby. >> abby, where you from? >> colorado. >> that's great. a little vacation? when's school start? >> last week. >> last week. >> last week. wow! okay. a little late. all right. bu that's okay.
9:07 am
we're glad you're here. let's check your weather, see what's happening. y owshou we've got a big system. it's a low-pressure area, kind of a subtropical low, actually nontropical low, i should say, making its way up the mid-atlantic coast. flash flood watches. some areas pick up t five inches of rain, as much as seven in some regions. and out in the atlantic, tropical storm fred. don't worry about it. not even goiçççç we've had passing light shower this is morning and they continue. as we look at radar, you can see the patches of blue getting light rain i aingtons well as on the potomac river. another patch of light rain just to the west of dale city and princeow william county and tha and could have a few more of these passing s
9:08 am
and that's a cutie. what's his name? >> jaden. >> nice to see you. natalie? >> he is a cutie, al. thank you. summer break is over and most people are getting back to work including the very busy supermodel, tyra banks, host of "america's next top model" and now "the tyra show," kicking off its fifth season today. we hear it will be a hair-raising experience. tyra banks, good morning. >> hello, miss natalie. >> i have a huge congratulations for you because second year in a row of emmys. you won for the outstanding talk show informative. >> yes. >> what is it about your show you think that makes you emmy worthy? >> first of all, we were really shocked. so, like, 15% -- i'm sorry, half of my speech, which is 30 seconds, 15 seconds of it was -- we were very shocked. we thought we were going to lose to somebody else in e category. >> but why? because now, i mean, you already had one before. >> you know why? because last year we won, and it was afte i had told everybody to kiss my fat -- >> right. >> you know. that.
9:09 am
and so i was, like, okay, that was the moment. and yea! so we got that emmy forhat moment. yea! so we were just shocked and very pleasantly surprised that we won for our show in general. that was very validating. >> so today kicks off season five. and as i kind of teased, it's going to be a real hair-raising experience. >> yes. >> because you're getting real in a lot of ways this season. more than you have in the past. >> yes. >> because one of the big things that you're doing, i think, in the first week is you're revealing your real hair. >> today. >> so this isn't real. these are weaves. >> this is not real. this is 100% fake hair. and i'm showing my real hair for the first time. i haven't shown my real hair probably since i was 19 years old. >> what is it about women -- why is this important to you, do you think, to show the real you? >> i think it's my responsibility. i've shown myself with no makeup. i've shown myself retouched -- unretouched photos. i've shown my cellulite. >> in a bathing suit. we've seen you in a bathing suit. >> i've shown a lot of raw and real. people come up, tyra, i look just like you. i love your hair, your makeup.
9:10 am
i'm, like, do you really love my hair? i feel it's important for them to understand what is reality and what is fantasy. >> you're not going to give us a little taste of that, right? can you tell us a little bit about what it looks like? >> what do you think it looks like, natalie? >> i'm thinking gorgeous. you have a beautiful face, so the rest of you -- >> maybe i'm bald-headed. we shall see. i might have two sprouts. >> i'm sure it will be great. that's right. the other big show for you is "america's next top model." >> yes. >> which as you call is in a new cycle now rather than season. the interesting part, this time around, is that you guys have models that are 5'7" and under. the petite models have tried out. >> yes. >> this time around. do you think this is -- you know, obviously, women in the industry are above 5'7". >> yes. >> so do you think this is reality? >> for me, it is so important. i think it helps to redefine what beauty is and some of the stereotypes. and in the fashion industry, the majority of models are 5'9" and taller.
9:11 am
there are exceptions to the rules. there are kate moss, josie moran, jamie richer, devin aoki, the list goes on and on for shorter girls, but i wanted to open up that door for these young girls -- young, shorter girls to have the opportunity to experience the fashion industry in a way that they couldn't. >> do you think they can make it in the industry? >> it's difficult. >> yeah. >> but you know what? a lot of people told me that i was black and would never have a cover of a magazine, would never have a kcosmetics contract, woud never be on the discover of "sports illustrated" or "victoria's secret." so that makes me fight for the underdog. >> speaking of fighting, because during the auditioning or screening process, melees actually broke out here in new york city. >> yes. in new york city. >> a lot of women were turned away. you actually gave them a chance to come back out and try out again. there were fights that broke out. what was your reaction to hearing about all of that? >> well, first of all, you know, it was thank god nobody was
9:12 am
seriously injured. you know, that was our first with serious injuries. and we've never had a turnout like this ever in the history of "america's next top model." we've had 12 cycles, no incidents and crowds not that big. so when these young girls that were 5'7" and below heard they could try out for "america's next top model," the huge crowds happened. and after the new york incident, we went to chicago, and we went to dallas. and we instilled much more security and precautionary measures like to the utmost. >> you made sure everything was taken care of. >> and new york as well with no incidents. >> great. and you're starting a mag line which is an online magazine. >> i made that up. >> tell us what you're going to talk about and what are some of the issues you hope to tack snl. >> it's at the mag line is called tyra beauty inside and out. so we're talking about beauty from the inside all the way to the outside. inside, self-esteem, relationships, friendships, how
9:13 am
you feel about yourself when you look in that mirror. and then also the physical you, looking in that mirror, beauty, fashion. but it's not just a magazine. of course, it's online, it talks back to you. you know, like -- >> uh-oh. what are you talking about, talks back to me? >> like me, you know? like have you ever read a magazine and they give you tips and tricks and you're, like, whatever. >> it's a little more real. >> it is real, it is raw and a connection to me like you've never had before. i'm going to be discovering girls, you know, and mentoring them in terms of different jobs in the industry, modeling, everything. >> speak of real, i've got to ask you, a rumor that was rampant last week after you won your emmy and you were holding your emmy and you were flashing some bling, can you show us that bling and tell america what the bling is? you're not engaged. >> speaking out about this ring. >> what is it? >> saying that it's a diamond. this ring cost $200. and i am married to my high school alma mater. this ring is $200. it's ten-carat gold and some black onyx.
9:14 am
>> so you're not married. >> no. >> we didn't break any news. oh, well. tyra banks, good luck to you. >> "the tyra show" is on today at 4:00. we have reruns at 3:00. if you're watching it at 3:00, it's not the new one. >> same network. >> same network as "top model." still to come, from the swanky suit to the cozy cardigan, how you can raid his fashn trenliminate for the ftre. ds up next, an intimate look at the obama family's health routine and how you can keep your family active and healthy, too, right after this. clears slow drains, cleans pipe walls. liquid-plumr foaming pipe snake. ♪ doo doo doo woman: there's only one disinfecting wipe with a low streak formula. clorox disinfecting wipes.
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9:18 am
healthy. good to see you guys. >> good to see you, al. >> this is very interesting. we've heard about the first lady. i remember seeing president obama was out to a workout the morning after the election. so this is obviously a family that takes this seriously. and is that a sson for us? >> absolutely. i mean, michelle obama sees herself first and foremost as a role model for her kids but also for the whole country. >> david, your reporter got to spend some time with the president. it seems like fitness and his exercise regimen is one of the keys to him dealing with his job and the stress. >> and he really believes in personal responsibility. he's the one man health care initiatives, and one of the things that you see is that he has some rules. he schedules his workouts along with the rest of his life. you know, he keeps it fun. and he keeps it simple. so he does a little bit of running, a little bit of weightlifting, some basketball, some golf. he does not need, like, elaborate training routines. i've seen him work out. he doesn't need nasa to define his fitness equipment. give him a pair of basketball
9:19 am
shoes and the guy goes. and i think the lesson for all of us. >> we all need to learn. >> and you don't have to spend a fortune to start exercising. >> and the obamas seem to make fitness fun as far as the family is concerned. >> right. exactly as dave was saying. i mean, michelle obama, in addition to her strength training and cardio, does kickboxing and rope jumping. she tries to mix it up, too. >> they wake up at 5:30 in the morning. >> they seem to be active. like they're hiking the grand canyon or they're rolling skating, doing things like that. >> they all have realistic, amazing nutrition ro roles. michelle lives a 90/10 role. >> what is that? >> she feels if she makes good choices 90% of the time, 10% of the time she indulges. when she does, it's usually with fries. she says they're her favorite. it won't have as much of an impact. i think that's a rule we can all live by, 90/10. >> there's something in the article talking about the family eats together. >> yes. >> and that's really important, isn't it? >> yeah.
9:20 am
michelle -- mrs. obama told us a very touching story for "children's health" about how their lifestyle kind of got away from them, and they were, you know, they weren't eating together as much. and they were relying too much on fast food. and she said, you know, things started to get a little out of control. and her pediatrician, like, flagged -- hoisted a red flag and said, hey, you know, one of your daughters is, you know, flirting with being overweight here. let's do something about it. and they chaedngat eg habits. and the next thing you know, they go back to the dock door, and the change was instantaneous and dramatic. and he said what on either are you doing? part of it was eating together. studies show when kids eat more meals at home, more fruit and vegetables and drink fewer soft drinks. >> of course, people will say, look, they've got a private cook. it makes it a little easier. but there are still things we can take away from this for example, keeping the flavor of. >> absolutely. michelle obama talks to the sfaf and says make soups taste good
9:21 am
without putting cream in them, make salads for lunch. she takes an active role and tries to get the daughters involved as much as she can, too. >> we spent time in the white house garden where they're growing more than 60 different types of fruits and vegetables and herbs. one of the fundamental rules is that all you have to do is start with some fresh ingredients, and you can have wonderfully flavored, satisfying meals that are not overloaded with calories. >> and really quickly, sleep is something you should not overlook. >> michelle obama believes in sleep big time. she tries to log in her recommended eight hours. she goes to bed early shortly after she puts the girls down and also gets uparly for those workouts at 5:30. she's a big proponent of sleep and so i am. >> we are, too, on this program. we just don't get it. michelle and david, sounds like a law firm. i like that. inch dvice oth shanre advice on kids families dealing with the financial crisis.
9:22 am
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the time right now is 9:26. it's a tuesday in the nation's capital. let's see what the weather is going to look like. we have rain around the region. tom? >> good morning, joe. we have scattered, light showers around the washington metro area advancing south to north out of virginia and into maryland. we still have areas of scattered light rain across virginia mainly as well as parts of southern maryland. the temperatures are holding steady in the mid-60s. it's 66 in washington under the clouds and the chances of rain will diminish and highs in the mid-70s. tomorrow and thursday, a chance of more showers. joe?tom. m.we we're going
9:28 am
9:29 am
there was an incident on the virginia loop. thanks. tonight on
9:30 am
it was the first time that i actually got to feel them for myself and touch tell, and it made it so real. >> it was a miracle of modern medicine. a 57-year-old grandmother giving birth to her own grandchild. well, now imagine giving birth to three at once. that's what this mom did for her daughter and son-in-law who couldn't have babies on their own. we're going to meet them and their babies and find out how everyone is holding up a year later tomorrow here on "today." >> that's a great story.
9:31 am
>> a special mother's day in their household. meantime coming up in morning, lunch. packing season has begun. and if you're out of practice, we've got healthy and money-saving ideas. we're not just talking about lunch for kids. apparently we can do this for everyone in the family as well. >> very good. also ahead on "today's style," one of the hottest trends for her this season is actually maybe borrowing some stuff from his closet. so whether you sal directly from his wardrobe or you're just influenced by it, we're going to show you how to wear menswear, the big trend this fall. >> wow, flannel shirts. and elmo's here and look who he brought along, his mom. >> aww. >> elmo's mom is here. unfortunately she's recently lost her job. something a lot of families can relate to. so they're going to tell us how they're coping and how you can tell your kids about these issues just ahead. >> so good that they came to help us talk about that. first, al, kisses apparently are very important. first we get a che of the weather. >> let's find out what's going on for you as far as today's concerned, a strong risk of storms in the mississippi river
9:32 am
valley, heat continues in the southwest. a loft of rain along the mid-atlantic coast with sunshine in the northeast. rip currents tomorrow from new england all the way down into the mid-atlantic coast. as rain moves into the pacific northwest, hit or miss showers and tççço good morning. scattered, light showers continue to slowly dissipate across northern virginia and parts of southern maryland this morning. they are heading south but north and tending to dry as they head out of maryland into virginia. it's going to taper off over the next couple of hours. temperatures are holding steady. under the clouds r clouds, mid-60s. highs in the mid-70s. another passing shower tomorrow and thursday. friday into the we and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up next, what to look for in your guy's closet and
9:33 am
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9:36 am
style buzz," stealing his style from tailored pants, oversized cardigans, this fall men's fashions are the new in look for women. our editor, bobbie thomas, is here. bobbie, good morning. >> good morning. >> so the trend is menswear. it's big. >> retailers are really pushing this trend. so you'll find an abundance of pieces, and they'll work on everyone, and you'll keep them forever. >> you can wear them to the office, can you wear them out. >> i still have stuff in my closet from my dad. he gave me his college sweater and i still wear that. some of the boyfriend's t-shirts i've stolen through the years, they still work. >> too many boyfriends in that closet. let's take a look right now. first is the swanky suit category. we have julie. and she's wearing this tailored vest with, you know, your more traditional slacks. i love this look together with the floral blouse. >> it's dressed up a little bit. date night doesn't have to equal a dress. take some of your suit separates out and mix and match them. the vest is from victoria's
9:37 am
secret and the pants are from express, the editor pant. they fit all of our models as well. add a little jewelry and she's got really fun menswear-inspired shoes on. you can see this lace-up bootie on her shoe. it's that tom boy appeal. and you can really sort of have fun with your suit separates. >> with the floral blouse, it keeps it feminine. >> you can mix and match prints to stay in the same color category. >> women are troubled with the size of pants and getting the fit just right. what would you suggest? >> honestly, go to a store like express. the editor pant is a basic cut. this will work. it's universally flattering. if you're curvier, stay with something like this. if you're petite, you can experiment with the harem pant or all of the other styles out there. >> julie, great. thank you. next look is the cozy cardigan. you said you have your dad's. i think i do, too. we have judy modeling this for us. >> this is straight from the men's partment at urban outfitters. she's wearing a men's cardigan to get that oversized look over
9:38 am
a basic little black dress from h&m. >> how do you do tt without adding bulk? >> you can look in the boy's department as well. by the way, children's clothing is cheaper. sometimes you can find a better deal. but she's actually wearing a men's sweater. she rolled up the sleeves. you can even tie it in a knot. i love the shoes. dsw had such a great selection of these menswear-inspired flats which are comfy and on trend. you can still do your black pump but this is something younger trendsetters are falling in love with this fall, the men's shoe. >> and she keeps it feminine by wearing the little black dress underneath and keeps it slimming. >> and grab a hat on the way out the door. you can wear a men's hat instead of covering up. very swanky, judy. looking good. thank you. next is the schoolboy blazer which nancy is wearing. as you said, you know, you can go to the boy's department, shop for blazers, but this is a look that anyone can pretty much wear. >> it's become one of my
9:39 am
favorite friends after all the time she's modelled. she's a mom. and the way she polishes it up from the errands to school for a meeting is this blazer. and this is from rosie bear boutique. it's a children's boutique. and most boy's sizes will sort of average -- you know, they'll size up to an 8 to 10 in a woman. believe it or not, you can find the right size. i like it's this unexpected contra contrast. and she layered over that. >> it's great for her busy lifestyle. >> you can pair that over a dress. it's approximately $35. it's a great buy. >> looks good. you look great. thank you, nancy. and our final category, the boyfriend button-down. and here we have anthea wearing it with the sweater on top along with the straight skirt. >> you know, most guys do the college shirt with the polo or v-neck sweater. it adds femininity to it. it's like michelle obama. you put the belt on, the great skirt from zara. she's got some loafer pumps which is great for the office.
9:40 am
i love grabbing his button-down and adding a belt around it. >> a lot of people are buying it because they're big and slouchy, a lot of them wearights underneath, too. >> so many stores like banana republic, they have an entire collection just on the white shirt. it's such a classic. >> let's bring all our ladies out for another look. and again, anybody can pull off these looks. >> everyone can pull it off. especially that first question about pants. i really want to encourage women, try on, it depends on your body type and how the pants and details, the pleats look on you. i've got lots of great information on our website on check out the particle. >> we will check them out. bobbie thomas, thanks, and thanks to you, ladies. we appreciate it. always read bobbie's column in "intouch weekly." next, elmo and his mommy are here with an important message on facing hard times like they are. but first, these messages. up ths 'til we find the problem. average repair cost: six thousand dollars. monthly maintenance with rid-x?
9:41 am
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9:44 am
just to make ends meet. but your kids may not be understanding exactly what's happening. and there's a new sesame street primetime special hosted by our very own al roker and his wife, deborah roberts, and it's aiming to help teach families how to cope and communicate through these tough economic times. al is here to tell us all about it along with some very special furry friends from "sesame street," elmo and his mom. >> hi. >> and this is may. and elmo, this is the first time mae has ever been on television. and you're going to get to introduce us. >> yes. this is elmo's mommy, miss mae. >> it's a real pleasure to meet you. >> well, it's a pleasure to meet you. and you've come forward because you want to help all kinds of kids and parents know how to deal with this. elmo, you invited your mom so that she would help people? >> yes. yeah, because elmo's mommy loves her job. elmo was really happy because mommy got to be happy all the time. >> happy. >> but then daddy and mommy told
9:45 am
elmo that we need to really be careful with our money. >> you know, he said the cutest thing. he thought that maybe he had too many toys and that's why we didn't have enough money. >> aww. >> isn't that sweet? >> because you lost your job? is that what happened? >> i felt terrible about that, but then elmo's daddy said, "mae, there's a lot of love in this family, and we're going to be all right." >> yeah. >> and elmo, you learned something very valuable, too, in that -- and a lot of kids could probably help learn this -- that there's wants, and then there's needs, right? >> yeah. not just toys thatou see, it's like food. >> fo, that's right. >> and watching movies at home instead, but going to the movies, you know. >> and going -- >> we do it together at home. >> and going to the park. we've been having lots of fun times, just the three of us at home. it's been just fine. and elmo's been wonderful about it. haven't you, sweetheart? >> so really, then, it's hard,
9:46 am
though, sometimes, elmo, isn't it, to do this. so you have to really find something inside yourself, don't you? you have to really think about how your parents are really working hard. >> well, one thing that elmo does is elmo takes money out of his piggy bank. and instead of asking mommy and dad, elmo will pay for it with his money in his pig gy bank. >> isn't that the cutest thing? >> that's one of the things we explore tonight in the special at 8:00 on pbs. not only using elmo and elmo's mommy, we meet four other families around the country dealing with these same problems. a lot of parents are really uptight about this and really worried about it. and we learn both with jean chatzky, our financial analyst, and a psychologist, how families can talk about this and really learn a lot of things about this, right, elmo's mom? >> oh, yes. you have to make some adjustments, but you have to stay positive and just keep on going. >> well, sounds lik you've done a really good job talking about
9:47 am
it. and that's the first thing because so many parents don't want to talk about it with their kids because -- >> i think you have to. >> yeah. >> and how's it going so far? i know you're still looking right now, mae? >> i am. i've had a couple of interviews. and it's different from what i did before. you know, sometimes something different can be good. it's a change. but life is full of changes. it's okay. >> it is. and just as things are not always so good for people, for some people, that will change, too. >> absolutely. >> and things will get better. >> you have to stay positive. >> well, miss mae, i'm just so glad we got to meet you. thank you so much. >> it's been a real pleasure. >> yes. and thank you so much, elmo. >> you're very welcome. >> i didn't know elmo's family came from the south. that's pretty cool. >> so elmo, you don't have a southern accent, i noticed. >> no. elmo doesn't. >> i'm from virginia. >> very nice. .ght. r t ayyw, we w tto mention that the est"sam"s etst "reprimimee special, "families stand together," feeling secure in
9:48 am
tough times airs tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on pbs. and we're back in a moment with healthy and affordable family lunches. >> what do you like for lunch, elmo? and cheese. >> you like a lot ofbaloney. >> first, this " otoday"
9:49 am
9:50 am
da this morning on "eat smart today," healthy lunches to pack for the whole family as money and belts grow tighter. madeline has suggestions for healthy meals for everyone in the family and specifically kids. hey, madeline, good morning. >> good morning. >> so making your own lunch for your children is a way to make sure that they're getting the proper nutrition. >> it seems like a lot of work and a lot of hassle, but you'll save a ton of money. a lot of hidden fat, calories and sugar not just for kids but
9:51 am
yourself. so often we say i'm going to worry about my kid's nutrition and we forebet about ourselves. here are some things that can do double duty. >> i packed lunches for all siblings. i'm from a family of five children. one of the ideas is using a bento box which comes from japan so you can have portion control. >> right. this is a lunchtime bento box and it has great portion control with anything you want to put it in. kids like little things to pick up in varieties. you can have little toothpicks and pluck up meat and cheese, fruit and vegetables. but if you as an adult don't like that, you can also switch and have a half a sandwich and just plain celery sticks instead of ants on a log with celery with peanut butter. >> that's what that is, ants on a log? >> it's tut. cute. you can do that and have a one-stop shopping. >> that looks like a good thing. although you want to make sure all those pieces come back. that may be an issue if the child is too young. >> this is elementary age. and everything is one stop. >> i like this idea of wrapping
9:52 am
the sandwich in lettuce. >> when you have a leftover rotisserie chicken, it's quick to get chicken, wrap it in a tortilla or lettuce. many adults want to save calories. sometimes kids thinks it's fun to have little lettuce roll-ups. make your own trail mix, have fruit and mix and match. this works easily for kids and adults. >> a lot of kids won't eat that. >> the kids will mostly have anything rolled up in a tortilla. adults tend to like something wrapped up in tortilla. >> that's a wheat tortilla. we have warm soup which is going to come in handy on the winter days. >> as the weather gets colder and people get a little tired of usual things, putting something in a thermos you've doubled up in cooking, something like chili or vegetable soup will work well. put it in an insulated thermos and you have built-in soup and salad if you have a half peta with salad already in it. sometimes kids may not want that much. you can have wheat bread and crackers, mare it with a banana. and then you can also have any other kind of low-calorie dessert.
9:53 am
say 100 calories or less. we always think about, well, should you have candy or chips or this or that? you should have one thing that's going to be a little treat so there's no deprivation and your kids don't trade it away. >> i always thought you had to put sandwich, chips and piece of fruit. what you've done, we like to eat by picking little things and putting them together. they can do this with the choices given. >> exactly. >> here's something for a little young girl although i like my star peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> you can pair it with low-calorie chips and also some frozen yogurt which serves as an ice pack. it's good for adults and kids. adults may not like pb&j. you can take cashew butter. >> especially with bananas in it, maybe a little honey. lunchtime. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. and drinks. >> important things to drinks. number one, you really should try and drink lowfat or nonfat
9:54 am
and even 2% chocolate milk. if your child won't do that, these little bugs. woobiotic liquid water drinks. wark.tell ao work. use these if you want. and also low-sugar, low-calorie juice will also help. >> thanks, madeline.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:56 is the time right now on this tuesday, the 8th of september. in the news for today, it's back to school for thousands of students in virginia. chopper 4 flew over the high school where students were returning to classes this morning. students among opening those door this is morning are alexandria county and the school system eliminated nearly 100 stop, saving $4.5 million. and excitement is rallying off in wake field urging them to stay in school and work hard.
9:57 am
the speech begins at noon and broadcast live on the white house website and on c-span and you can check out the text beforehand by visiting our website at well t. was a rough start to the morning for some armored truck drivers and the back doors of the trucks swung open on the highway spilling money all over the road. this is the scene that route 50 and route 3, believe me she's trying to clean the bills from the chain, sweeping them literally off the bad day. >> and that's a bad joke, joe. route 3 is sweeping out the nickels and dimes out of the roadway. on the outer loop across from river road a. quick check elsewhere, 395 and the 14th street bridge. steady traffic is headed for
9:58 am
downtown. over to the southeast-southwest freeway with the travel lanes wide opened. in how much 50 miles southwest of washington in the northern neck over towards richmond and williams berg, that area is getting moderate to heavy rain. this area is going off to the west-northwest, passing southwest washington. farther to the north, we have an area of rain that is a band in prince georges county and a few showers elsewher for the rest of the day, cloudy this afternoon and highs in the mid-07s and then a chance again on wednesday and thursday. that's the way it looks right now. joe? >> thanks, tom. a new food movement that goes a
9:59 am
10:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- hello, everybody. it is tuesday september 8th. it is the unofficial end to summer. >> did you notice our new open? all shiny and new with the
10:01 am
graphic look. >> they are trying to cheer us up? >> yes. did you have a nice -- >> a great weekend. you went to rehoboth. >> they always ask for you. my sister. i hate to show family photos but too ba. she was sitting on the bed, hannah and my mom. oh. >> you adore her. >> you know what happens to little girls like that? they grow up. my sister's daughter is my goddaughter, she is now 31. she was coming north. >> you spent time with her? >> yes. be careful. >> hannah goes, hodi and me are going to the beach, does anybody else want to come? >> we were going to go to nantuckett. and decided to. you are looking at a four-day weekend and you have no plans
10:02 am
and everything changed. it was lovely. we filled it up with being spontaneous. yesterday my brother and his wife came over. his son was visiting with their four little girls. so we had about 30 children at the house yesterday. >> wow. >> frank got through it. it was fun. laughter and kids and dogs. changing diapers. it reminds me of the good old days. >> if you were home, you may have been watching the tennis tournament. that melanie oudin. >> oudin. she is adorabldorable. >> she beats petrova. before that she beat sharapova and before that she beat someone else. >> i don't know. >> another person. >> she is the youngest women to reach the quarterfinals since
10:03 am
serena williams since 1999. >> we are playing "you believe". >> ♪ you believe >> on her shoes she has designed her own shoes and it is believe. everyone was leaving who saw that match. a woman stopped me and said i was crying at the court because we were pulling for her. >> it is fun to see these things. you get upset if you are seeded fourth and somebody comes out of nowhere. but it is good for the game. it is good to have young stars we can emulate. i like it when ter loses. >> what? what? say it again, what you just said. >> i like it once in a while when tiger loses. because other people get a chance and it invigorates the game. i think it is good for the underdog. youlways like the same people to win? >> tiger, yes. >> it gets boring.
10:04 am
>> melanie yesterday was in times square and got mobbed by fans. i wondered if that would throw her. she is in the zone, when you are not in the spotlight you live a quieter life. she bounced back and won again. >> kim clijsters after having a baby. >> beat venus. >> one for the mama. >> i was bummed venus lost. >> they are amazing players but you can't win all the time. take it from me. >> stop it. >> you just can't. >> what is this? >> i don't know. is that the paper? we have big news. at snl" megan fox will be the host of "saturday night live." the young lady who played hoda woman for the past two seasons, has it been two seasons already? it seems like a very long time.
10:05 am
>> she got let go. >> they have been let go. >> christian is still there so i'm fair game. >> here is my prayer. that is ridiculous. >> that looks more like kathy griffin than me. >> let me tell you my concern. not that. my concern is that if they continue to do it, what if the person who plays me is keenan? it could be. >> no. >> do you have a picture of keenan. >> no. it is not going to be keenan. >> there is a chance. keenan plays star and he plays oprah. >> they red new girl who is iranian. she is elegant and tall and slender like yo i think it will be her. >> should we bet? >> what did we just bet? >> lunch. out. >> are you still training?
10:06 am
should i bring this up. >> i went to rehoboth -- >> she is supposed to be doing a triathlon. >> it was choppy and scary. it looks scary to swim in that ocean. half a mile, i was trying to figure out how long half a mile is along the beach. it is a long way. >> especially a ten-foot wave every time you lift up your head. >> that is what i'm worried about, the drowning part. >> they are not going to let you drown, but i think you should rethink this. there have been shark sightings off cape cod. five beaches are closed. i heard they are moving south to new jersey. >> aren't you creeped by swimming in the ocean? i'm creeped by it. >> a lot of animals go to the bathroom in the ocean. amoebas and sharks. >> do you know what someone said
10:07 am
to me -- i got out of the water and a woman asked me a question. she said, did you pea in the ocean because of what we said on the show that day? >> people who do that? >> i don't do that. >> come on, four hours, i have to go to the potty. >> i walk to the restroom and come back along the area. >> what movie did you see too young? >> speaking of that music, "jaws." they asked celebrities what movie haunted you that you saw too young. for me it was "jaws." they didn't have shark week and you didn't know anything about the time. >> the first television show i saw was the flintstones in black and white. should i admit that? we lived in europe until i was
10:08 am
5. we listened to the radio. >> didn't have tv? >> no. not where we lived in germany. no. >> what is your movie? >> the movie for me was "the exorcist." when linda blair's head spun arou and she threw up guacamole, that was, yeah. >> yeah? >> the fact that could be real. there is violence and there are things, but these exorcisms are crazy. >> you dream about that stuff. >> certain things like that you shouldn't have the visual. if you are what you eat and your body is what you put into it, right, leslie? why a we wha what we put in emotionally. >> on a newdol website they ask celebs what movie haunted you. >> "terminator." and "revenge of the nerds" two
10:09 am
movies a child really ought not see. murder and sex galore. that is what is happening in those two. interestingly enough as we discussed before, the first two movies i would like my kids to see is "terminator" and "revenge of the nerds" because i feel i turned out well. >> we have a question. are redheads smarter. kathy griffin is here. >> did she admit to being a true redhead? >> we have the cover of the book. >> if you shoot your book you get your roots down. >> she has a crown on so you can't tell what the roots are. let's go to miss sarah. >> we were talking about movies you saw too young. my parents had us watch "grease 2."
10:10 am
we performed the song "reproduction." mose of those jokes go over your head. look who is here? >> hello. how are you. welcome. you are going to be with us in a few minutes. >> yep. >> he has a new book outt calle "the 50th law" he is a businessman. >> genius of your business mind. we'll be right back. xx
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
♪ >> that is curtis jackson boater known as the 13-time rapper 50 cent. this is the 2003 megahit "in the club" that put him on the map. sounds weird when i say it. 50 cent sold 22 million albums and ventured into video games and bottled water. his beginnings were not very
10:14 am
clean. he join forces with robert greene. a new book called "the 50th law." >> or the fidieth. >> look at you two? >> people are starting to talk about the two of you. you like to be introduceds curtis jackson. >> because the music itself puts you in a box a little bit where they expect a certain type of energy from the music. the aggression that translated the strongest in my first album is what hip-hop culture looks like from me. >> it is a persona. you don't feel like it is you anymore? >> i'm not under the same circumstances i wrote when i wrote the music. it feels different. >> when you read robert's book it cptured you. his original book "the 40th law." what captured you? >> the short of the laws were
10:15 am
translating in two different directions. people in the environment i grew up in would see never outshine the master as if it is one of the laws you would carry. if you are making money while someone else is making money you shouldn't show them as much. it causes jealousy and energy you don't want. when you destroy, destroy completely. you hurt someone to the point you come back. the book felt evil, alittle bit, robert. >> hey, don't say that. >> you need to read the bible after you read that. >> when you got the call from 50 cent and said -- >> fidy -- >> were you surprised he was interested in your book? >> the book had been popular with rappers jay-z, ludicrous. i met him and i was really surprised. i expected someone who is intimidating and scary. >> he is a nice guy.
10:16 am
>> you are a puddy cat. >> we had this interestin rappaport. we come from completely different backgrounds, obviously. >> it is a beautiful thing. i'm going to cry. >> it's okay. we thought let's bring our two minds together, our two experiences and create a book. >> what did you add to the book? >> my experience. i got a chance -- this project started in 2006. >> really? >> yeah. it has been that long. we actually got a chance to talk about my experiences and he ran parallels to people he studied prior to that. >> let me ask you this, when you were in prison you chose to get your ged in prison. a lot of people do not make that choice. what made you decide to go down that road? >> there is not much you can do besides -- >> working out. >> right. physical. acquiring knowledge. whether it is recreational purposes and you read novels or
10:17 am
books to educate yourself. >> what is this book for now? do you see other young men who need something to hang on to? >> absolutely. it is something that people who grew up who wouldn't absolutely have everything could look to and be inspiring in different way. they can figure out how to be fearless in different situations and make decisions from the entrepreneur perspective. >> we wish you the best of luck. >> you are adorable. i see why the two of you fel for each other. >> up next -- oh, we love this movie. act rest tarajip. henson sits down with us.
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
you might recognize taraji p. henson from her oscar nominated role as queenie in "the curious case of benjamin button." >> she moved into new territory r in "i can do bad all by
10:21 am
myself." a nightclub singer who enjoys drinking, sleeping and everything else before she learns the importance of family and true love. it is so nice to have you here taraji ra taraji. this is the first tyler perry movie i went to. >> you feel every emotion. this one took you on this roller coaster ride. what was it like working with tyler perry? >> incredible. you go from david fincher in "benjamin button." after tyler perry, i got it. you sure you don't need 40 more takes. >> you had another with him. >> i did "the family that preys." we knew we wanted to work with each other again and made a pact. the day after the oscars that is who called me. >> did he really? >> who gave you advice about when you get that oscar
10:22 am
nomination, milk it. >> cash it in. you have two weeks to cash it in. mr. lou gossett. >> he would know, wouldn't he? >> next year people can't remember. >> you have to continue to work. see, for me, it is not about the gold. >> you love being an actress. >> i'm so passionate about the craft. oscar or no oscar, i'm not going to change my method. >> your role changes in this movie so much. first of all, we get to hear you sing. do you enjoy that? >> yeah. i love performing. >> we go from someone we loathe. this drunk. >> selfish. >> suddenly you make this great dramatic turn. >> from a lot of help from talented people. >> how much fun is it to see mary j blige? >> she is so good.
10:23 am
>> gladys knight. how unbelievable is gladys knight? >> she is amazing. there was a church scene i had to get emotional and sometimes you get drunk. i looked into gladys knight's eyes and something was so giving. i don't think i told her that, but the tears just came. >> what about your sexy co-star? >> adam rodriguez. mr. "csi." >> when he shaved that hair off, was there real chemistry going on? what happened? >> okay. there was a scene where the kiss -- this wasn't the kiss scene yet but i was there, i was vulnerable, i was crying and i needed a man's touch and i leaned in for the kiss, he went for it. i hear cut. tyler is like, where did the kiss come from. i'm like, huh? you mean the kiss is not in this scene. i swear. where is the script. >> it came from my hormones.
10:24 am
>> he went for it. i went for it. it was great. >> the boyfriend, the one who plays your boyfriend. >> brian j. white. >> he is evil. >> he is a sweetheart. >> you know who almost steals this movie, the young girl hope, your niece. >> she is amazing. first movie ever. >> huge future. >> we know this movie is going to be -- >> there is a scene where madea tells that child about peter walking to jesus on the water which is one of the -- >> it was arch. >> noah comes by on the arch from st. louis and still says everything she needs to say for her. >> it is going to be a hit. >> thank you. >> another number one for tyler perry. >> still tocome,e, t the qun of comedy is here, kathy griffin. >> that is trouble.
10:25 am
also new york yankees catcher and his wife are with us. @@@
10:26 am
we are following breaking news this morning. an armored vehicle loses its load on the freeway and police are clearing the mess right now. coming up on news 4 midday, birthday freebies. sos bargain available. the news starts at 11:00 a.m. we'll see you then.
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10:30 am
we're back on this tuesday with more of "today" with one very funny lady who never thought she would be sitting here. >> never. >> take a look. >> i know getting me on "oprah" could be an uphill climb. what other shows. >> well, i think it will be hard. i don't think matt and meredith wi have you on the first part of the show but i can get you on with kathie lee and hoda.
10:31 am
>> i don't do the fourth hour. i'm too big. i will do matt lauer personally in his home. >> you are sick. "a memoir according to kathy griffin." she is sheer with us. say you are sorry. >> admit it. i'm too big to be here. >> we just had 50 cent and taraji p. henson. >> do you guys know how crazy this show is? >> yes. >> are you aware that you talking to 50 cent about his business plan is plum crazy. >> he is rich. he is richer than you. >> he is not as rich as jerry springer. >> why are you holding up your book like that? >> i'm modeling. i'm an authoress. >> is it true you are a real redhead? >> downstairs as well as upstairs. >> good to know. >> i could show you. >> no. stop it. >> whoo! 10:00 hour, baby.
10:32 am
and there goes the shot. >> i have an announcement. i worked very hard on this book. my announcement is that i would like this book to outsell the bible. >> it won't. >> i would like it to and i would like your endorsement, kathie lee. >> i'll give the bible an endorsement. >> you are suggesting this book might not outsell the bible? >> it will not. >> this week, long term i wouldn't put your hopes on. >> let me tell you what this book has the bible does not have. >> this is not going to be good. >> plastic surgery photos. >> they are frightening. >> they are horrifying. >> what is that? >> that is jesus. >> that is her. >> that is what liposuction looks like. when you want to get lipo that is what it looks like. isn't it horrify something. >> did it come back in other places.
10:33 am
>> no. that is bs. no. i just had to workout. back to me outselling the bible. can i count on your snuupport? >> no. >> it has some very naughty psalms. >> it is not as just funny as you would expect. >> i thought it was going to be a comedy. >> you talk about your brother, talk about a biblical situation that is a tragedy. what happened to your brother is -- >> i open up in this book. there is mre going on than naughty jokes. there is serious stuff. >> you e one of five irish catholic kids. your brother -- >> moses. i'm reaching out to a bigger demographic. i hear people love that bible. >> do you want to talk about your brother or not? he is a big, huge thing in your life. >> yes. i talk about serious stuff, my
10:34 am
brother, my failed marriage and botched lipo. there are funny stories not unlike the bible. >> why do you compare it to the bible? >> i hear the bible sells like crazy. >> what are you up against? >> the bible. >> 50 cent. glenn beck. >> why is it important to have this story told? >> i have a reality show, i let it all hang out. you know that game. you talk about your life all the time. i do my stand-up shows. here is the stuff that tells you really how to get to the place where you are a comedian. how to fight the sexism in the business, making it in a man's world. it is a shard life and you better love it. i do. >> your mom is hugein your tv show. what did she think of the book? >> you should know my mothe tests higher on my own television show. it is a bitter pill to swallow.
10:35 am
i don't have likability factor. i'm a successful unlikable person, like the bible. why do you think that is true? >> because like the bible, i reach out to people, maybe more people than the bible. i try to make them laugh and give them life lessons. like another book, what is it called? the bible. >> is there anything you regret? you are darn open. >> i wish i had a good answer. like a good marie osmond. i regret my doll collection. >> why? >> i don't have a doll collection. i'm trying to reach out. >> good luck with your book. the official book club selection. >> it has been chosen by the oprah book club. >> no. it has not. don't lie on our show. laura and jorge posada, who have a book. >> the bible. >> they are talking about keeping your family happy and healthy after this. @?@<
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
all-star catcher for the new york yankees jorge posada and his wife laura are out to cheer on families as they strive for good health. >> their new book is called "fit home team." inexpensive, the key and simple
10:40 am
way. so nice to meet you both. >> thank you for having us. >> what good advice. >> laura, is that your baby? >> that is my third baby. i was working on that for a year and a half. i had to convince jorge and the kids to hp me out. in the end we came out with a great book. >> there are things a family can do. what is the most important takeaway? >> i think the most important thing is people to realize it is time to make a change. they have to stop making excuses. in this book wnv give them a wa how to make a change and li a healthy lifestyle. >> it will's start with your "s" list. >> the first one is safety. >> okay. >> jorge is big on safety. i will let him talk about that. >> the principle, everything you do you have to be careful about it. every exercise you do, obviously, try to remember what you are going to do and what you
10:41 am
want to accomplish. >> kids are so anxious to be doing it. they don't take time to prepare, puts on the helmet, the knee pads. >> riding a bike, the helmet is important and every exercise, there's got to be some kind of safety issue. >> is stretching the next one? stretching is very important. a lot of people hate stretching. >> i used to hate stretching. i was getting sore and injured and it is very important to stretch. and the kids actually love it. i give them a massage when we finish. i stretch them and they say they is their favorite part. >> we have to get outside. so many kids are camped in front of the tv. how do you convince your kids to get out there? >> try to stay together. the family stay together, work together, play together. get the kids to play outside and sweat. >> as an example, they look at their dad and see me, that is
10:42 am
what they are going to do. if you sit on the couch, that is what the kids will do. >> you talk about how important it is to eat meals together. >> how do you do it? >> especially during baseball season. >> we try to do lunch n. the summer we sit together and have a nice lunch together. we talk. turn the tv off and enjoy the family together that is something my family did when i was growing up. i want to do with the kids. >> one of the other "s"s is sportsmanship. kids want to win. sportsmanship is a big one. >> you don't want to be a craz parent on the sidelines screaming. it is important to win. we both like to win at everything we do, believe me. we try to teach the kids there has to be grace and a nice way to go about it and do your best and if you lose sometimes it's okay, try to do your best and respect the other players on the team. >> be a gracious winner.
10:43 am
>> jorge, we have to ask you about derek jeter. hea has three more hits to tie lou gehrig? >> three. >> how much pressure? >> yesterday he was 0 for 8. he will do it this week. by friday he should get it done. >> who do you play next? >> we have tampa bay still. >> tampa bay. >> we wish him good luck. we wish you great luck with this book. >> thank you very much. >> it is a great family book. >> terrific. find out more at >> the cost conscious guide to redecorating. everything is about money these days. ñ
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
we're back with "today's home" and feathering your nest for less. >> genevieve gorder is the host of hgtv's "dear genevieve." welcome. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> we are going to make a room
10:48 am
lock expensive without spending a lot of money. >> i have chosen quality ingredients. not a lot of inexpensive stuff all over the place, but great stuff in moderation. >> we are talkingbout wall p wallpap wallpaper. >> wallpaper ranges all over the place. >> this is from $30 to $150 per roll. ering is priced per roll. i'm suggesting doing accent walls. not doing the whole room and canopy and shades. that is too much. accent walls are divine presences. there is modern stuff that is being done. i love this barbara berry paper with the chairs, lattice patterns. whatever your style. it is available. >> why don't you show me --
10:49 am
>> how to do it? it is not fun. i'm not going to lie to you. what you are going to do is put on some gloves. you are going to put some gloves. you have your aprons on. normally we wouldn't do this on heels or on television so this is a surreal experience. >> tell us what to d ch. >> it is pasted. you are going to hang this from top to bottom. >> who me? >> you're the tall one. >> whoever wants to go up the ladder in their heels. >> what have we done to this paper. >> it is presticky. there is wiggle room. when you get it up you can wiggle it around. it will be tacky so you don't have to commit to where you initially put it. >> won't stick forever that quickly. >> make your moves quick. >> go up top. these are your burnishers. they smooth it out. if you are a person that brushes your teeth hard you need this softer one. >> you have the wrong end.
10:50 am
i don't like it up here. okay. >> this is like lucy and ethel. i think you want the part that has this on it. >> look at this. >> you are right. the key is to match the pattern up. get at the bottom and line this up. >> no, hoda. >> i'm trying to stick it. i'm busy up here. >> all right. i'm going to let you guys mess this one up. >> we are trying to do it right. >> you can also hire wallpaper hangers. >> that worked out well for me in the past. >> smooth it out. burnish this, guys. here we go. not your hand. >> she says it is fine. anyway. so after you have done that. what i'm trying to say is one impactful wall in a room makes a
10:51 am
huge difference. if you don't do it yourself like this you will be in really good shape. >> let's move on. that's terrible. >> run away. i can't remember. >> oh, lord. >> this is marine paint. it pnts boats. it is water resistant, highly durable. perfect for floor. this is a great way to have a painted finish on your floor. >> this is so much fun. >> this would be great for the play room. >> it is very industrial. it is $30 a gallon. it is more expensive but great for cabinets. a great improvement in the kitchen. >> it will last forever if it is marine paint. >> you know what? it is easy. i like it a lot. this is simple. >> millions of colors, marine paint. don't paint latex on the floor. >> i like this. i want to continue to do this.
10:52 am
>> okay. i will go with her. genevieve, hold on. i'm coming. >> this is a quick tip -- you guys are so funny. >> you can't afford onew couch, you need to infuse color. you need new renovation fek nics. go to your accessories. this is what you change out all the time. you create a new look uh without spending a lot. >> is this what you meant to do on the floor. is this what you would have on your floor? is this a suggestion? >> they layered a lot on this. you have your big rug. that is what this is representing. what i'm saying to do is when things get worn or torn in a kid's room, throw something. >> and watch your kids trip over it 20,000 times a day. >> with a flat carpet, you can use carpet tape. >> we have to go, general new
10:53 am
year's eve. >> i'm so proud of this floor. >> don't look at the wall. >> look at it.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we are back with sah and apparently we have a brand new contest to announce for you tech know-phobes. >> if you are scared of your computer and can't figure out how to text your kids. >> i can do that. we want to -- you tell us why you are so bad and you should have sarah haines and "ladies home journal" have a makeover to change your life. >> go to sarah will come to your house and make you tech friendly.
10:57 am
>> i'm not making dinner so we have to add curtis. curtis can feed me any day of the week. we have tons of giveaways, a signed posada ball, kathy griffin, a little bit of everything. >> we have fifty's book. >> write in where you are from. -- captions by vitac --
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